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  1. H-Balm

    Why does Malt Liquor taste so bad?

    Did he just say he brewed with packing peanuts?!?! :drunk:
  2. H-Balm

    Buying Used Kegs "upgrades"

    Trust me once you start kegging... you will eventually end up with more kegs than taps. A sticker on your keg that gives the recipe name, primary date, secondary info, and hydro readings can be helpful months later. In the first aid kit.... don't forget the hardware that connects your line to...
  3. H-Balm

    Corny Kegs - Rubber Top or No Rubber Top?

    Only worked with rubber ends.... seems a bit of a trivial complaint. I think most of get far bigger messes from boil overs or burst bottles! Who cares about a dirty hand after that!
  4. H-Balm

    Buying Used Kegs "upgrades"

    My keg recommendations (based on my experience, food for thought) -Post Socket- This is just a socket that goes on any standard wrench. This is for my pinlocks. Sure you could probably make one, but a couple bucks is worth it. Ball locks, refer to prior post dimensions. -Keg lube- By two...
  5. H-Balm

    Ever Mix Your Beers For The Hell of It?

    Mixing beers is not new at all. Back in the old days, different batches, strengths, and shades were mixed commonly. It is yet another great part of homebrewing, the ability to experiment...trying things that are not readily available!
  6. H-Balm

    Freezer Hinge Holding Weight

    How often will you change your kegs (when you have seven!!!!)? If not very often just save yourself the trouble and use a broom handle. Really, we are talking about 60 seconds you need to lift the door. The time and energy to install a post.... debatable amounts of satisfaction. I have a...
  7. H-Balm

    New to Kegging w/ Free Pin Locks - Question

    Don't stress. Just follow Huff360's advice... no biggie. Ball lock release valves are overrated (IMHO). When you spend hours and hours brewing, sanitizing, cleaning... the couple seconds it takes to unhook, purge, then rehook.... well not that big a deal. But... if you are a tool addict...
  8. H-Balm

    How many kegs?

    Yes, indeed! I started with four. Within 6 months I went to 8. Currently, I have 7 filled, 1 empty. I think it depends on who you can share with. I only have a handful of friends who drink beer, or appreciate beer diversity. Therefore, I can't empty kegs very fast. If you are very...
  9. H-Balm

    Swing Top Bottles - Any tips?

    What if you tip it like a wine bottle? Then you could spot drips or leaks.
  10. H-Balm

    Can a kegerator/chest freezer be stored on carpet?

    I would think the more likely scenario would be you spilling on the carpet. I would grab some scrap wood or bricks and get it off the floor. This would allow air to circulate better. That could be done for free.
  11. H-Balm

    Cost to refurb ball lock kegs

    Plus. .... When you fix it you can enjoy another satisfaction. Not only did you learn how to make that beer delicious, but you also learned and made the vessel function! What a hobby this home brewing is!
  12. H-Balm

    Official Broken Hydrometer Count

    788 R.I.P. Broke one when looking through the equipment on the shelf. This was my first, purchased in 1998.
  13. H-Balm

    blow off tube or 3 piece airlock?

    Save yourself some work, and just leave it alone.
  14. H-Balm

    Who's snowed in and brewing this weekend?

    Snowed in..... And reading the two homebrew books I just got, surfing the forum, and watching brew videos . Everything I look at, I think... "I can ferment that!"
  15. H-Balm

    Austin Homebrewing Supply??

    I too have has great experiences. I enjoy the mini mash kits they sell. I'm not ready for full all grain, but get a little bored by the extracts.... So.... I got about three orders. So around 6 kits. Went great. Variety of kits is huge.
  16. H-Balm

    Mead Recipe

    Wow... Good posts on this thread! The warning on the video was not adequate though! Now I need to watch more and start sourcing ingredients! Geez this hobby is addictive!
  17. H-Balm

    Pin Lock vs Ball Lock

  18. H-Balm

    Pin Lock vs Ball Lock

    search the thread.... lots of posts out there IMHO...the relief valve is not as big an issue. A screwdriver can do the same thing, or a $2 cap from Midwest. The best decision is to determine maximum efficiency based on your fridge. One thing often missed is for a few extra bucks, you can buy...
  19. H-Balm

    DIY Pint Glasses

    very sweet post