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    Oxiclean dishwasher detergent

    Anyone try this for cleaning brewery equipment? I've got access to tons for free, thinking it would work great in my sump pump keg cleaner and cleaning my brew kettle. Can't find much on it, so thought I'd ask!
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    potassium metabisulfite in mash

    So, I scored this free 25lb bag of Desiccated Coconut and would like to use it to make a coconut bomb imperial stout. The ingredients are just Coconut and potassium metabisulfite. I've brewed with lots of coconut, but always fresh and never in the mash just at flame out and secondary. If I...
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    What paint for my new stand?

    I'm doing the final natural gas plumbing on my new stand this weekend, and need to paint it before then. I bought some grill paint but have read it might rust through. What have others used with success? Thanks!