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    English based Brown

    I have tried various sour beers and the style I keep coming back to are the Flander's beers. The dark fruit flavors and maltiness blends very well with the sour and mild funk. Most lambics (all?) seem out of balance to me as they have no real malt flavor to back up the fermentation character...
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    Old Franconian Beers

    After reading Farmhouse ales by Markowski I did some google searching for beers that may have been brewed on farms in Germany before the industrialization. As was stated in this book lagers have taken over all these old styles and as far as I can tell they are dead. Does anyone one have any...
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    Bug Farm 5

    I just started fermenting a lambic style beer with Al B's Bug Farm 5. Was wondering if anyone knew what was in this blend? I know it changes each time, but was interested to see whats in it.
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    Hesting Element questions

    I did not see anywhere where this was answered. If it was please point me in the right direction. I was looking into building a small BIAB setup with a heater element and PID/SSR to control the temperature. Small setup would be nice as I live in a small apartment. In the apartment I live...
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    Top Cropping WY1968

    Title sums it up. I enjoy using WY1968 as I like the taste profile, and it crshes out nicely. I was wondering if it is possible to top crop with this yeast? Has anyone tried this? Thanks
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    Oud Bruin

    I am considering brewing a Flander Oud Bruin and was wondering how you all sour yours. In Brewing classic styles it was suggested to use the Roselare blend. If you use this how do you keep it from getting too sour/too dry? In wild brews it suggests pitching lactobacillus and pediococcus. Either...