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    Kansas City Bier Meisters Competition Feb 15 & 16, 2013

    I posted this on the Missouri club, but will also post it on the Kansas side (It is Kansas City we're talking about after all). I know it is extremely last minute, but the Kansas City Bier Meisters is hosting their 30th annual homebrew competition on the 15/16th. Unfortunately the deadline is...
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    Kansas City Bier Meisters Competition Feb 15 & 16, 2013

    I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else on the forum, and I know it is extremely last minute, but the Kansas City Bier Meisters is hosting their 30th annual homebrew competition on the 15/16th. Unfortunately the deadline is this Thursday, so if you are local you still have time to drop off...
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    yeast for chicken feed?

    Okay, I don't know anything about chicken feed, but hoping someone on here does. I have family that raises chickens, and would like to add brewer's yeast to the feed. I'm not sure of the reasoning, perhaps all the B vitamins? Anyways, I could always give them the yeast cake after a batch...
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    2 pinlock kegs and chrome faucets - Kansas City area

    I have 2 pin-lock kegs converted to ball locks $40 each obo and 3 chrome tap faucets for $25. I'm in Olathe, KS.
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    Turn off kegerator/fermentation chamber when not in use?

    I have an old Avanti kegerator that I'm turning into a fermentation chamber. Is there anything negative to turning it off when I'm not using it? Let's say I go an average of 3-4 weeks between the end of one fermentation to the start of the next. Will I save the life of the compressor by...
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    Given a free, non-working kegerator

    I recently acquired a free Avanti BD6000 Kegerator. I've read these things have a lot of problems, leaks, etc. The one I was given doesn't turn on at all (no audible indication the compressor is trying to run). That makes me think it is an electrical issue somewhere. Anyone have a...
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    Beligan blonde finished at 1.005, question on aging.

    I made a really simple Belgian blonde (Based off of NB's recipe, but different hops). I pitched on a WLP530 slurry, and it finished at 1.005. It ended up being over 7%, and you can definitely taste the alcohol. Fermented around 65-67. For some silly reason I put it in the kegerator last...
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    Where to place RTD?

    Curious if anyone has input where the best place to mount my RTD within my HLT? I don't have any circulation going on (manual if any). So, I was wondering if it would be better to place near the elements, above them, opposite side, etc.
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    Yes, another 5.0 cu foot keezer

    I, along with a massive amount of people over the holiday season, decided to build a keezer. It received the wife's approval, and didn't have to go in the unfinished basement. I can fit 3 kegs and the co2 tank inside. I really had no wood working experience, nor tools. I had Lowes cut the...
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    Forgot weather stripping on keezer collar

    Okay, so I am building my keezer, and after attaching the collar to the hinges, I realized I forgot weather stripping. I purchased some 3/8" stripping, but the collar won't close now. Curious what everyone's recommendations are. Try to find a thinner stripping (if there is any) or go with...
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    Hop Candy recipe

    I'm sure many of us know there are commercial hop flavored candy available, but I think we can come up with a recipe to make our own. I tried to make one recently, that came out nice. It wasn't a hop bomb like the commercial counterpart, but I think its a good start to build upon. Hoping...
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    What are your favorite 'the brewing network' episodes?

    I'm finally getting around to listening to "The Session" on The Brewing Network. Does anyone recommend specific episodes as must listens? I'm listening to the "Beer Vocabulary" one from 8/22/11, and so far think its great.
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    Any ideas for a drip tray?

    I kegged for the first time, for a birthday party this coming weekend. My setup looks just like this one: The keg will be in kitchen, and I need to come up with a way to keep it from dripping on the floor. Ideally something...
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    placement of two elements

    I'm going to get rid of my electric keggle, and move all the parts to a standard kettle. I use two 1500w elements, and wondering if anyone has opinions on the placement of two elements. In the keggle I had them a few inches from each other. I've seen others put the elements on opposite...
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    Anyone want to trade a 4" RTD for a 2" RTD?

    I have Auberins Liquid Tight RTD Sensor, 2” Probe, Weldless Fitting: And would like to trade it for Auberins Liquid Tight RTD Sensor, 4"” Probe, Weldless Fitting...
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    Using a 20oz paintball tank

    Okay, this will show my lack of knowledge. I just purchased a basic kegging kit, and also an adapter from going from my regulator to a paintball tank. So, I attached the regulator to the adapter, then the adapter to the tank. I'm guessing the tank "opens" from the little pin in the adapter...
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    latitude 48 deconstructed

    Didn't see this posted yet. From a local beer blog, I read this, which I find quite cool in idea: The 12 pack has 2 bottles of regular old Latitude 48 then it has 2 bottles each of Latitude 48 single hopped with each of the varieties of hops that Latitude 48 contains; Hallertau Mittelfrueh...
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    In Scottsdale, AZ for two nights

    I'll be visiting Scottsdale a couple nights for work, and looking for a good place to have drinks. If I only get to visit one place each night, looking for the most recommended. From what I found online, these look to be the most popular. Would you agree this is where I should go? Four...
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    Suggestions for a recipe to blend a bochet mead with beer

    Back in Sept I made made a 1 gallon burnt mead (bochet) using 2lbs of honey and topping it off with applejuice. While it is still young, I gave it a quick taste the other day. Overall I wasn't impressed, and I think its because I really just burnt the honey too quickly. Anyways, I'm...
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    Doh! first bottle bombs

    Well, crud. So I was working in my home office, and took a break to stretch my back by laying on the floor. I started smelling beer, which was odd, until I remembered I recently moved 4 cases of beer into my closet because it was warmer (basement gets down around 55). I sadly opened the closet...