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    water profile question

    Hi all Still working on water profiles and reaching out with a question. I found this profile for a hoppy pale ale: Ca 140 Mg 18 Na 25 so4 300 cl 55 Caco3 110 Water report for Calgary Alberta in 2020, most recent I could find shows: Ca 55 Mg 16.1 Na 8.5 So4 74 Cl 11.1 CaCo3 143 We are known...
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    grain and hop question

    Hi all. Brewed a double batch of Big Dog brown ale yesterday. All went well. Hops called for later addition fuggles and I realized I was out so subbed in Willammet. the percent difference was only one so I used it. This seem like a good substitute? Also, recepie calls for medium crystal and a...
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    dry hop question

    I know this has been discussed a lot but will throw it out as many of us ferment with different equipment. I brewed an IPA saturday. Double batch and I use fermonsters with adapted lids with CO2 and gas posts with floating diptubes to try O2 free transfers , or at least limit o2 exposure. It has...
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    9 days and still thick krausen

    Brewed a double batch of honey creme ale and it is at 9 days and sitting at 66. Yeast is a us 5 and a kolsch 2565 I think???? Anyhow, the krausen is still very thick and have never had a beer with this thick krausen 9 days in. Still getting the odd bubble in the airlock. All seem ok? I could...
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    forgot the honey

    I brewed a double batch of honey creme ale yesterday and forgot the honey at knockout. I realized it when I had both fermonsters filled!!!! Anyhow, I added it to both fermonsters and stirred in good with a sanitized spoon and hot it with the o2 and added the yeast . I think this will be fine? I...
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    dry hop question

    Hi all I brewed a double batch of lake walk pale ale 2 weeks ago and time to keg one. I usually dry hop in my fermonsters dumping the pellets in whole and am aware of the oxidation in these types of beer and IPA and almost impossible to avoid without some way of a closed transfer. This time...
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    water profile question

    Brewing the 3 crops creme ale I found here. I usually add my salts to my tap water and also use spring water. This is a light beer with a 90 min mash and boil and should finish crisp. The spring water has the following numbers as per label. Ca 63, Mg 18, Na 11, K 1, SO4 45, Cl 13, HCO3 180, NO3...
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    using gelatin

    Hi all. Going to try gelatin in the kegs for the first time. Bought a few boxes of Knox unflavored in the packets. Directions state ... one packet of gelatin will set 2 cups of water. A bit confusing. How are some of you using this in amounts/volumes, etc? Thanks
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    forgot the whifloc and yeast nutrient

    Was having a great brew day but forgot these two items!!!! Added the nutrient to each fermonster later prior to aerating but my IPA looks like caramel!!!!!! Hope it drops clear. I guess I can try gelatin later before the kegging or cold crash. Ah well. The wort was so clean too as I just milled...
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    first stout brewed

    Brewed a 10 g double chocolate oatmeal stout yesterday. All went well and did one fermonster with yeast starter irish ale and one of London 3. I hit numbers right on and this recipe has a abv of 6.9% making it the biggest beer I brewed in my almost 4 years at this! Had almost 30 pounds of grain...
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    maris otter substitute question

    Hi all. Ready to mill my grains for my first chocolate oatmeal stout and do double batches. I need 20 pounds of 2 row and only have 17 on hand. Can I sub in 3 pounds of crisp maris otter? Thinking it should complement fine. Rest of recipe calls for some crystal 40 and choc. malt. Big 29 pounds...
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    Water profile question

    Hi all Happy New Year belated I know the water profile questions can be many and there are so many factors to contend with. I am brewing over 3 years now and the past year I have been working on the water additions. I use CC, gypsum, and L acid along with capden tablets. Local water report...
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    recirculating mash?

    Hi all. Brewing over 3 years now and have a cooler conversion for my mash. I do double batches and fly sparge. Thinking maybe it is time to recirculating my mash. Currently I pump over my strike water with riptide pump and I have a copper 4 pipe manifold I made in the bottom of cooler. As water...
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    yeast starter question

    Have 2 flasks sitting in the fridge with 2 different ale yeasts for about 15 days. I got tied up and was not able to brew hence the length of the flasks sitting. I prepped them as per usual. They are 1000 ml starters and have lots of beer/wprt on top of the settled yeast. Just wondering if I...
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    kegs not carbing well

    Hi all Have a 4 tap keezer I built and love it. Brewing all grain 3 years and enjoy the beers and the whole brewing aspect. I brew double batches and when I keg my beers one goes into the keezer and the second goes on a second co2 system sitting at room temperture. Two of the beers in my keezer...
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    Brewery /pub visit in California?

    Headed south with the family for about 3 weeks from Calgary Alberta on June 30. taking our fifthwheel to Anahiem, Carlsbad, LA. lots of activities. Did this 5 years ago but was not brewing then. Now I am 3 years in and enjoy it!!! Any stops you would recommend being breweries or craft pubs to...
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    fermonster caps for closed transfer

    Anyone have any pics of their set up using fermonster lids for closed 02 transfers to kegs. Soon to try this as I ordered two red caps without the hops to fabricate something myself. Appreciate any feedback.
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    cold crashing and then room temp

    Hi all I have a 4 tap keezer and I brew double batches. I use 5 g corny kegs. I try to keep up so that one keg is done the replacement goes in. I have a second C02 system where I keep the soon to be keezer kegs sitting around 17-19 on 15 psi. This time around I cold crashed both my...
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    too much crystal??

    Hi all I am brewing a 10 g batch of a Red IPA for the first time and I already crushed my grain. I have been reading about limiting the amount of crystal in the recipe to under 10%. This grain bill has 25 pounds total being a 10 g and 30 % is 120 and 40. Thinking about adding some base malt or...
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    update on equipment upgrade

    Hi all. Just posting on the additions to my brewery. I do 10 gallon batches and recently, with advice here, added a riptide pump and a duda diesel (18" 20 plate) plate chiller to the system. Only brewed once with all in place and everything went really smooth. I actually knocked a half hour...