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    Citrus Peels/zest - 5 Alive

    Hey! I have different citrus peels that I want to throw in a batch of wit-ish beer bottled with brett. (45% pils - 45% wheat - 10% rye - Forbidden Fruit yeast). I'll do infusion tests, but I wanted to know your experiences with those citrus fruits in beer: Orange Lemon Lime Mandarina...
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    Tips for a BIG mead for a very special event

    Hi everyone! I'm a experimented beer homebrewer, and I'm in fact a pro brewer. I'm also a homebrewing teacher. Well, all that to say that I'm not a neewbie that is just really excited to brew the biggest thing of all. I have a very special event (my nephew/godson's birth) that I want to...
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    100% Wheat 100% Brett ''American Brown Ale''

    Tomorrow I brew that monster. Because why not. It's gonna be around 90-95% Wyeermann Pale Wheat, and the remaining will be carawheat, roasted wheat and midnight wheat, to get a brown-ish ale. Looking for 1045. Yeast is gonna be a blend of Brux Trois and Clausennii, a huge pitch. And...
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    About scaling up

    Hi guys! I'm in the process to go from 5-10 gallons to 40 gallons, and in a not-so-far future, up to 215 gallons (7bbl). I've done my research about scale up recipes, but i'm curious to ear your experiences, toughts and maybe you have some documents on it that i've missed. Thanks!
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    Ale, Lager, Lambic, Weizen... and 100% brett

    Hey there! Just for fun... My question created some debate on a facebook group.. I was curious to see your american point of view on this. Definitions for the types of beer can vary.. but most of the time, the definition of an Ale implies the use of Saccharomyces Cerevisea (brewer's yeasts)...
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    WLP677 ate everyting / how to rescue my BW?

    So... I did a sour wort. I brewed a 1038 OG wort pils/wheat, in which I pitched a culture of WLP677, which I propagated first. I boiled for 10m then I pitched the culture at 110-115°F. The sour wort took place in the boil kettle, with the lid on, wrap with plastic wrap. Temp went from...
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    Souring an ''high'' IBU beer/sort

    Hi there! The title is pretty expressive... I'm not talking sour mash prior to boil/hops here, but really a long lactic fermentation on 18-24 months. I'm planning on a Oud Bruin, wich a softly sour, but around 20-25 IBU, while lactobacillus, at least the commercially available strains...
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    s04 too hot primary, will it clean?

    Hi! I brewed a barleywine (1.102) which was supposed to be fermented with WLP007 and added maple syrup to boost up to 1.110-1.115.. but I had a problem with my starter and I didn't want to take a chance so I went with 2 packs of s04 for about 4 gallons of wort, and decided not to add maple...
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    Got a wine barrel, how much time I have to fill?

    hi there! A winemaker just call me to tell me that the barrel I had asked is ready, I emptied and cleaned it today. It is sooner that I expected. I have few friends that are helping me to brew those 60 gallons of lambic to fill the barrel, but they have not all brewed yet, and some stay pretty...
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    Mold on pellicule?

    Hi! I have a lambic that i racked on blueberries 1-2 months ago, and there's now something that looks like white mold. It smells funky and a bit cheezy, but not desgusting at all. What do you think?
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    Big imperial stout with Brett. What should I know?

    Hi there! I'm going to brew a Oaked Bretted Cherry Imperial Stout for an event that will be in months from now. My recipe is pretty established, but I have some questions about the brett activity. I have to say that I have experiences and knowledge about the brett, but never used it with such...
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    WLP670 - American Farmhouse Blend

    A brewed a 1058 OG hoppy amber-ish saison with this yeast 6 months ago, and just bottled it. It is just amazing, I have to tell everybody :D In 6 months (all primary, no transfer), it took the gravity down to 1.000, even if I mashed pretty high. Even, when I bottled, there was still...
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    Aged hops really needed?

    Hi there! I've made a few lambics so far, and never used aged hops before, 'cause I never found the utility to it. Now I have a 60 gallons wine barrel that I'm going to fill with a few friends. Some of them have a ton of aged hops and suggest to use it. Is it really useful? My assumptions...
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    Apricot Brett Farmhouse (wlp670) - Advice Needed

    Hey Guys! 4 months ago I brewed an amber Farmhouse (Amber Candi) with calvados-soaked oak, and it now smells absolutly fantastic, and i'm close to bottle it, and I want to another one with that same yeast. I have a can of apricot puree (3lbs) here, so 1+1 made about 2 in my head. So, my...
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    Dubbel-ish sour, impressions?

    Hi guys! I have made up that recipe, please tell me what you think, and what kind of bugs would be great with it. 82% Pilsner 6% Flaked wheat 3% Special B 3% Munich 3% Vienna 3% D-1 Candi Syrup Styrian Golding for 10-15 ibus Mash at 155*F OG 1.058 Primary with WLP500 -...
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    Cherry RIS, advice welcomed

    So here's my sketch recipe.. please tell me what you think. 14 lbs Maris Otter 2 lbs Barley Flakes 1.5 lbs Roasted Barley .5 lbs Special B .5 lbs Crystal 120 .5 lbs Pale Chocolate 1.25oz Polaris 21%AA @ 90' 3lbs sweet cherries OG 1090 FG 1020 IBUs 75 EBC 90 ABV 9.3 154F...
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    Big Old GUEUZE project - Advices needed!

    Hey! I'm really digging into sours and wild beers. After next week brewing marathon, I'll now have 8 filled carboys. 7 of them will contain bretts... 3 of them are lambics (straigh, kriek, flanders red), others are 100% brett of brett aging. The problem is that I find that 1-2 years is a...
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    Bière de garde à l'Épeautre (Spelt) - Lager?

    Hey guys! I have two vials of wlp072 French Ale wich is a Bière de garde yeast. I have on hand 4 pounds of great fresh organic spelt flakes and I wanted to try it on my bière de garde. It's kind of a traditionnal cereal used in France. Maybe more in Saisons that in BDG but, hey, why not...
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    Wlp700 Flor Sherry

    Hey guys! I'm going a try to a sherry mead of some sort. I bought a vial of wlp700 and did some research. I've read it is only effective between around 14 and 16%. It dies around 17%abv. My plan is a sweet mead with sherry yeast in secondary.I was planning on using 71b Narbone yeast.. but...
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    Flander's red aging

    Hey guys! I'm about to brew a Flander's Red and here's my project, quickly: A first 6 gallons batch, 3-4 months on the cake, then secondary for X A second batch, pitched on the cake, 3-4 months on the cake, then secondary for X. I plan for about 18months total, so an 18m old with a 14-15...