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    Accounting for lauter dead space

    So I am ordering the ingredients to do my first brew moving to All-Grain. I picked up Beersmith and have been poking around in it. I plan on doing this recipe Fizzy Yellow. Now when I am inputing the recipe into Beersmith and setting the equipment profile I come to lauter dead space. I...
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    Brewery Name Help Needed

    So we have built a Keezer but now we need a clever brewery name to stick into our tap label inserts. The problem is we arent very clever and have trouble deciding on names ( it took us days to figure out what to name our cats ) so I am turning here for help. Heres some info to maybe help your...
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    6 Tap Keezer Build

    So luckily SWMBO is a big beer and wine drinker so she is very supportive in me getting more and more into the hobby. We decided we wanted to build a keezer so we can get more on tap and do more brewing. We went to Lowes and got a good sized 14.9 cf freezer. We can fit 8 kegs very comfortably...
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    OG quite lower than recipe states

    I brewed up a Nut Brown Extract kit last night. It was the first time I've been able to do a full boil with my new brew-pot and a darkstar burner. In all my previous brews Ive always been right near the OG stated in the directions. Not always on but right near. I took a reading of last nights...
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    Couple Questions on Cherry Beer

    Just recently bought an American Wheat kit from our LHBS. Havnt gotten around to making it yet though. The other day the wife had a great cherry wheat when we were out to dinner. She mentioned we should try turning that kit into a cherry wheat. I agreed as well she is SWMBO. It did bring up a...
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    Multi week stuck fermentation

    I started a Hard Lemonade from a recipe on this site a couple weeks ago. The fermentation went for a week. Gravity was 1.110 at start and it got to 1.099. I then had to unexpectedly head out of state for the past 20 days or so. I checked the gravity today and its still 1.099. Is it worth trying...
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    Losing gas

    I am still new to brewing and kegging so if this is a dumb question I am sorry. I have had one keg for a while but yesterday I decided to expand to two as I had two drinks I wanted to bring with me camping this weekend. I get the keg cleaned and fill it with my drink. I plug the gas in and...