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    Wyest 3711 - in a BIG beer tailored after a Saison?

    I was thinking about doing the same thing. I spoke with a guy who said that getting the og that high will throw off a lot of neat funky flavors.
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    Witbier Easy Belgian Wit

    What do you think about using a saison yeast in this?
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    Should I reboil my priming solution?

    When you say I'll be fine, do you mean it'll taste fine after boiling or I'll be fine without reboiling?
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    Should I reboil my priming solution?

    It was vodka with vanilla and cinnamon. It had cooled before I covered it.
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    Should I reboil my priming solution?

    Ok, so I sanatized everything, made my priming solution and got ready to bottle. The problem is that I didnt have enough bottle caps. Hooray. Anyway I made a kickass tincture that I mixed in with my priming solution. I sanatized some saran wrap and covered the put the pot in the fridge...
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    Cant stop crying!!!

    You could also inject beer into your blood stream. You don't taste it as much, but at least you don't need to be as careful when you are making it. "Lets hops but I do have horseradish..."
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    Making a good wife?

    If I don't cook, we don't eat.
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    Cant stop crying!!!

    I think the best way to deal with this kind of news is to drink.
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    Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)

    Bottling tomorrow. Tried some Ephemere and loved it, I don't think mine will have the bite (.25 oz Czech Saaz), but I am really looking forward to it.
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    Worst Part About Homebrewing

    I thought I'd ressurect this thread to express of all the hate I have in my heart. I hate cleaning, worrying, waiting, deciding what to brew next. Most of all I hate not being able to drink while brewing because I have to cut weight.
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    Wish Corruption thread

    Granted, but your immense height is due to hypertrophy of your pituitary and you die from heart failure. The term "baller" refers to your title in hardcore gay porn, and the girl that is so fine wishes that you wouldnt call her and gets a restraining order. I wish that my work gave me my...
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    The stupidest comment on your beer

    "Cool, so you brew your own beer?" "Yeah" "Does it have alcohol in it?" "'s beer" "Awesome"
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    Can i bottle?

    You are probably fine if it has been fementing warm enough. If it went fermented for two weeks at like 36 degrees with ale yeast it probably isnt done. If you were within the recommended temp for two weeks i'd imagine that you'd be fine. Disclaimer-You really should check the gravity for 3...
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    The life story of my brewery

    Wow, great thread. I can't actually do any of that but it's still pretty cool to see.
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    What do you think about adding Apple Juice to wort?

    My friend asked me and I didn't know what to tell him. If you are wanting some fruity characteristics in a beer would it help if you added maybe a gallon or two of apple juice to the wort? I know about apple ale and Brandon O's Graff, but what about adding some apple juice to a belgian ale or...
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    Homer's lost batch of beer

    Use it for shampoo. Thats really why I brew. I save sooooo much money on shampoo.
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    Blood in beer

    Yeah, it's about right. I am a bit of a douche bag, but I enjoy myself and that's all I care about. Dancing Banana :ban: