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  1. BrewTaster

    Simple Mashing Question

    When mashing do you add the water to the grain, or the grain to the water? Ive heard alot of debate about this, and personally have been adding water to the grain already in my mash tun (preheated tun), but it has come to my attention that I may be wrong in this. What do you guys do? :mug:
  2. BrewTaster

    Help With an IPA, Tankhouse Ale Clone

    Hey guys, I am looking to put together a clone of Tankhouse Ale from Mill St Brewing in Toronto. I found a list of ingredients that are in the brew from this site but no one has put together a recipe that ive found. Here are the ingredients and stats as I found them: Pale Ale Malt Biscuit...
  3. BrewTaster

    Yeast Question

    Im going to be making a new wheat recipe I am working on, and am running into a bit of a snag with yeast. I prefer dry yeast so Id like to keep the convo to that for now. Anyways, I can get my hands on t-58, and all the other s-XX yeasts for fairly good prices, but to get myself some wb-06...
  4. BrewTaster

    Capper Question HELP!!

    I just bought a capper with the anticipation of bottling 2-4's for friends etc. Its one of the two handle hand held styles. Anyways, it seems that this "Universal Capper" will only work on Steamwhistle bottles (up here in Canada eh), the reason being is they have a glass ridge lower down the...
  5. BrewTaster

    Galvanized, Good or Bad?

    I have a chance to get my hands on a pretty good sized galvanized tank that used to be used for a water heater or something like that, I want to use it for either a brew pot or a big fermenter, but apparently it is galvinized. Is that a problem, and does that make it pretty much useless for me...
  6. BrewTaster

    Jupiter (Oatmeal) Stout

    Here is the basic recipe I put together, still needs some refinement most likely but has a nice head and good taste. I drank 3 weeks after brewed, both kegged and bottled. I am brewing 10G of it June 22, and will be doing minor variations, but friends have REALLY enjoyed it, even people who...
  7. BrewTaster

    Keggle Boil Off Rate

    So tommorow I use my keggle for the first time, and am VERY excited! I am looking to make a double batch of stout, but am wondering the boiloff rates you guys are noting for an hour long boil. I figure I can fit 5.25 gallons of beer per fermenter (6.5 gallon carboys, correct me if i can fit...
  8. BrewTaster

    Important Oatmeal Stout Question

    So tommorow is my first 10 Gallon batch, and I have chosen an Oatmeal stout. I am used to tossing in Irish Moss to coagulate some of the proteins out of the beer, but then was reading earlier today in one of my brew books that Oatmeal Stout is so smooth due to proteins from the oatmeal...
  9. BrewTaster

    What are Sanke Kegs made of?

    Rather straightforward questions, got my hands on a sanke for a keggle, and my little brother (who is a welder) is gonna cut it for me, but he wants to know if it is Stainless (which I think it is), or aluminum (which he thinks it is). Cheers guys, and a big thanks to Steve for helping me...
  10. BrewTaster

    Blackberry Brewing Software??

    So I know there are various apps for the Itunes and Ipod Touch, how about my Blackberry, Is anyone aware of brewing software for it? I have a Curve 8320 if that helps at all? :mug:
  11. BrewTaster

    Flaked Corn

    Looking to make BM's Cream of Three Crops soon, and it calls for flaked corn. Probably a stupid question but is flaked corn the same as corn flakes?
  12. BrewTaster

    Bleach as sanitizer?

    Ive heard there are people who use bleach as sanitizer out there, and im sick of paying for iodophor! Does this stuff really work? How do i use it? And is it safe for consumption no-rinse? Also wondering if itd make sense to store my carboys full of bleach water? Let me know guys, hopefulyl...
  13. BrewTaster

    Watery All Grain?

    Just made my second all grain, and it seems a bit watery? I forgot to take an OG reading off the start so efficiency may be a concern though I dont think so, I got 75% on my first batch. The only other thing I can think of is that I used 2 row instead of pale malt this time. Would that be a...
  14. BrewTaster

    Dry Hop Question

    When do I dry hop? When i move to secondary? And would 1/2oz of cascade be enough, or should i go for the full oz? and will that extra oz be overpowering for my non hop loving friends? (not that it will stop me :p) :mug:
  15. BrewTaster

    Crash Cooling? OK for bottling?

    So i read about a technique called crash cooling (or something of that nature) awhile back. Basically chilling it to take the yeast out of suspension. I am wondering if you can do this and still bottle condition? Is there going to be enough yeast left in the beer after i precipitate it out...
  16. BrewTaster

    First AG - Crap in the fermenter

    Just a quick question, just did my first AG and its boiling away nicely, only problem is that there is some crap floating around in my fermenter (I think perhaps the hot break?) It seems natural, so Im not concerned about contamination, just wondering if anyone can verify what it is, as well as...
  17. BrewTaster

    Shirron Chiller

    Wow, I am very impressed! My gf (thank you love) got me one from AHBS for a belated christmas present. It was less wide and tall then I had imagined. It looked downright puny in my eyes at first! This sucker WORKS! I just want to say to anyone contemplating a plate chiller, GET ONE, and to...
  18. BrewTaster

    Hops Help!!

  19. BrewTaster

    Irish Moss, How much?

    Stupid question but ive never used the stuff before and theres no info on the packet. How much should I use, and 15 mins is the general consensus on time? Cheers
  20. BrewTaster

    Hops Help!!

    Hey guys, apparently the LHBS is out of Cascade hops today, and will be getting a shipment in monday. Only problem is I will be brewing this weekend and need em! I did a bit of research and it seems you can sub Centennial for Cascade (obviously accuonting for AA% diffrences), does this sound...