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  1. J


    I got a 4 gal. batch I'm working on and I just got my hydrometer. I'm looking and it's reading potential alcohol by volume 6.5 percent from the cider itself which is perfect. Every thing I read on here says add sugar. Thoughts?
  2. J


    My wife has been playing with the dehydrator she got for Christmas. She hasn't liked the way her apples pieces(she is trying for chips) have been coming out so I thought hmm wonder how they would go in my batch of Cider when it goes to my secondary. I would think it would flavor it up pretty good
  3. J

    Newbie Help

    I made my first batch of Cider earlier today(after stalking these forums;) everything went great. I was gone all day came and came back home to realize I left part of my airlock(the inside cover piece) off so it sat for about 5 hours with air available. Is this gonna matter or am I being...