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    304 Stainless and RODI

    Does anyone know if there's enough leaching, from stainless in contact with RODI water for 12 hours or less, to worry about in terms of brewing? Reactivity charts would make me think it's ok....but...
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    Stainless Passivation

    So, I got a Stainless Brew Bucket today, made with 304 stainless steel. The instructions recommend that, after an initial cleaning with TSP, the steel be passivated. The thrifty part of me (Yeah, I know, I did buy a stainless/more expensive fermenter, but it's easier to clean/etc and will last...
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    Speeding up WLP530

    So, I have used WLP530 a couple times (2, I think). Each time I've had to wait 2 weeks or more for FG to be reached (not including time waiting for yeast to settle out more in prep for racking). This is in comparison to 5-7 days for beers with WLP540 (Rocherfort yeast). Currently I've got a...
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    Milling Rye to Flour

    Hey, so, I'm going to be brewing a saison soon. Part of the ingredients list for the beer will be a pound of rye malt. I was thinking, since I'll likely use some rice hulls to be safe anyways, has anyone here milled rye malt to a flour (I have a home flour mill that I could use.)? If so, how...
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    Ray Daniels / Zymurgy Alternate ABV formula

    Hey, does anyone happen to know if the alternate formula as described here: is actually more accurate for estimating the ABV of high gravity beers? I'm curious since I happen to have a barleywine fermenting at the moment.
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    Trimming old/lower leaves that have large sideshoots?

    Hey, so, a few of my plants have large sideshoots coming out of the leaves on the first ~1-2 feet of the bines. Some of these sideshoots (especially on the cascade) are ~2 feet long. My plants still have quite a bit to grow (good thing I have 2.5 weeks of growth left I suppose), them being...
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    Acidifying irrigation water

    So, I have roughly neutral pH soil (hopefully a little lower with the bark mulch that's on top of the hops right now). Anyways, my home water is alkaline (214 ppm as CaCO3) and ~8pH. I was wondering, have any of you folks tried acidifying your irrigation water to ~6.5?
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    Look OK?

    What do you folks think, do there plants look OK? I'm in VT, hence the bines being short at this point. The top/forming leaves I expect to be lighter green at first. Pictures I've seen on here have darker leaves. Should I fertilize more? I plan to this weekend anyways.
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    Hop Clip Tool/Gun

    So, I was thinking for next year it might be nice to get a clipgun/tool to secure my strings in to the ground (I just have stakes now, but they're not all the way in, so training isn't always easy in the beginning). I'm wondering, do any of you folks out there use one? If so, how do you choose...
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    Red shoots on a cascade?

    Hey, I was wondering if you folks had seen red tinted shoots on a supposed Cascade? The shoots from the other rhizome in the hill are your standard green.
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    Serving temp force carbonation time.

    Hey, folks. I'm curious, how long does it take everyone's beer to carbonate in their kegerator/keezer at serving pressure? Mine takes about 2 weeks at serving pressure (maybe a tad longer), having put the keg in at anywhere from the 50s to upper 60s degrees F (so, it probably takes a day or two...
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    Crisp Maris Lot Analysis from Batch Code?

    Hey, does anyone happen to know if it's possible to get a lot analysis for Crisp Maris Otter (or any of their malts, I suppose) based on the Batch Code printed on the sack? Obviously I can just use common values and be close enough, but I figured I'd ask if anyone knows. I emailed Crisp, but...
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    Opinions wanted

    Let me start off by stating that I know what I'll most likely do. I suppose I'd just like to hear other people's experience. Anyways, I'm planning to brew with my brother in law (separate beers, but brewed at the same time) this Saturday. He lives about 1.5-2 hours away (probably closer to...
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    Regulator seems to freeze up / become sluggish

    I originally posted this in the equipment section, but I probably should have posted it here; So, I have my regulator/CO2 bottle in my kegerator (controlled to 40 degrees..though without any heating connected, so it could get down to 38-39 sometimes I suppose). The bottle is insulated from...
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    Regulator seems to freeze up / become sluggish

    So, I have my regulator/CO2 bottle in my kegerator (controlled to 40 degrees..though without any heating connected, so it could get down to 38-39 sometimes I suppose). The bottle is insulated from the kegerator, so theoretically it shouldn't get much lower than 38-39. Anyways, when I don't...
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    Training suggestions for unruly bines

    Hey folks, I've got some bines that are growing away from my guide strings a bit. So, I'm wondering, what tips do you folks have for getting the bine to train properly in this situation? Should I wait till it gets longer so I can more easily manipulate it?
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    How long will coffee float?

    Hey, I'm going to be dry beaning a keg of porter and I'm wondering if any of you have experience doing so in the keg? I've done it before in a muslin bag for ~24 hours and the coffee was still floating after that 24-hour period, so I was able to easily take out the bag with sanitized tongs...
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    High crystal/dark malt attenuation thread

    Hey, I'm getting close to the end of a fermentation of a beer that has a lot of crystal/dark malts, and I'm surprised that it looks like I'll get 73% attenuation. The recipe, which was based on information from a brewery on their porter, was said to include ~69% 2-row, 13% carapils (!), 7% dark...
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    Has this happened to you while kegging?

    I have a guess for the cause of my problem, but I wanted to see if others may have encountered this problem. The other night I noticed my beer had less carbonation than it had the night previous. I remembered that I'd had my gauge freeze at one point, so I added a piece of insulation under the...
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    Water Softener and Temporary Hardness

    So, I'm getting a softener installed tomorrow. I was curious if anyone knows the answer to a question. My water has a lot of temporary hardness (Ca ~80, Mg ~7, SO4 21, Cl 3). Will the bicarbonate in the water bond with sodium to create, basically, baking soda in the water? What other...