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  1. H-Balm

    Need your thoughts, suppose that....

    Need your thoughts, suppose that... ... you had a nice little corny kegerator that was dispensing wonderfully, as well as looking sharp. Then.... ran out of homebrew, so your pals run out and get a big cheap pile of big brewery swill to help. But you have no place to keep the...
  2. H-Balm

    H-Balm Jumps Back In.... Cannonballlll!!!!!

    So, I'm back!!! I gave a stab at this hobby about 14 years ago, and am back. I left because I was isolated, and working alone. This proved to be full of mistakes, misunderstandings, and limited success. Today, I brewed up a Brewers Best English Bitter kit and a Grahams English Dry...
  3. H-Balm

    H-Balm's Keezer Build

    Well, it starts! Today I took ownership of a 1.5 year old 13.0 cubic foot Kenmore Chest Freezer! I stumbled upon a craiglist post and got very lucky. I was traveling away from home today, so on a lark I popped on the destination's craigslist. Pure dumb luck had me find the freezer, a few...
  4. H-Balm

    Must Be Hoppin' Crazy- H-Balm's Project

    So I am in the world of hops production! Ordered some rhizomes, and am ready to start the project. The first step outdoors, was to set up my structure device. I have a large property so space is not a concern. I decided upon a back field, that rarely gets used much. I will tuck this hop...
  5. H-Balm

    How Many Rhizomes Would You Recomend?

    How Many Rhizomes Would You Recommend a beginner order? Any ideas or thoughts would be more than I have!