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  1. Engelramm

    finished my first AG and have one question

    What you are likely seeing is yeast. I usually see the yeast fall to the bottom as it is gathering strength. Once the little guys have enough energy (and buddies) to eat the sugars, they float to the surface and begin munching away.
  2. Engelramm

    Fermenting in plastic bucket or better bottle?

    I used buckets for several batches then started buying Better Bottles. I like plastic because I am clumsy. Better Bottles Bounce! I like to watch the yeast do its thing and the Better Bottles allow me to see it all happen. Plus, the stoppers seem to seal much better than the bucket lids, so...
  3. Engelramm

    Is it too late to expect a harvest?

    My first year Cascades look like they are dying. I guess I need to give them less water but do it more often. If I go a day without watering they droop and the leaves curl. If I water (about 1 gallon on each plant) every day, they turn brown. Then there are the bugs. I think I have had...
  4. Engelramm

    Fast fermentation with high temp

    Higher temps=faster fermentation and production of other by-products. Lowering the temps won't hurt but it might actually be mostly done fermenting. The yeast is still doing its thing but the most active fermentation might be done. Leave it alone for at least a week...two wouldn't hurt. Then...
  5. Engelramm

    gravity still high ??

    I would leave it for another week and then check gravity. If it hasn't moved in another week, it likely is as done as it's going to get. I leave all beers in primary for 3 weeks then check gravity and bottle if it's close to where it should be. Hey, it's good to see another Kentucky brewer...
  6. Engelramm

    I'm freaking - talk me down

    On your OG issue: My first 3-4 mini-mashes were off by as much as 10. I can pretty consistently hit the mark now. It just takes practice to get your temps right, grain crushed just right, the right amount of water...etc. It will likely just be a little thinner and lighter in alcohol. No big...
  7. Engelramm

    1st brew - I'm an idiot.

    In my notes for a batch I brewed a few months ago, I have a notation that says, 'I'm an idiot'. I was bottling and something cool came on TV so I stopped watching the bottling wand and started watching TV. After a bit, I thought, "hmm, it sounds like it's raining...why is my foot wet...Oh...
  8. Engelramm

    no bubbles, no foam ??

    I would be willing to bet that every last person on this board has done that. Don't let them tell you any different. :)
  9. Engelramm

    Megapot Selection

    I've got a 10 gallon on the way. I decided to go with only the spigot and not the thermometer, since I won't be mashing in it I don't need to monitor temperature that closely. I'll just use my regular thermometer to see when it cool enough to pitch yeast.
  10. Engelramm

    over foaming in bottles

    Yeah, I was kidding...well, mostly. I do try one after a week or so then I try one at about a month in the bottle and gauge from there. I just can't help it. :)
  11. Engelramm

    Growing Hops in the shade

    I did that in my yard just to get the sun on the plants a little earlier. My wife was just happy I was doing something to the yard. :) MVKTR2 - I may add some goldings next season and see how they do.
  12. Engelramm

    over foaming in bottles

    You waited 11 days!!!!! I can only wait about tops. :cross: You mentioned the sugar packet was larger than usual so that's probably it. If the bottle is warmer mine tend to foam more also. Hey Revvy - I heard your name mentioned on Basic Brewing recently. James read my...
  13. Engelramm

    Racking to secondary questions

    I agree with Yooper here. I'm no expert, and I don't want to start a "Secondary or No Secondary" debate, but I leave all of mine in the primary for 3 weeks before I check gravity and bottle. My beers just taste better this way...and they're clearer too. :mug:
  14. Engelramm

    Fast, simple external cooling method

    I use this method with my brew pot in the sink. It really seems to help keep the water/ice cold longer. I guess I use about 3-4 tbsp of salt total. :mug:
  15. Engelramm

    do not worry about poor growing 1st year palnts

    Thanks for the pep talk. This is my first attempt to grow anything, so I'm constantly checking on them... :)
  16. Engelramm

    Growing Hops in the shade

    This gives me some hope. I have about the same length of sun as you do on my Cascades, only it is from about 1:30 to 7:30 pm. My first-year Cascades are about 8 feet tall and have only recently put out side arms. No flowers yet, but tons of crazy side arms. I put them in the ground in...
  17. Engelramm

    El Cheapo Extract Recipe

    This thread is one of the reasons I love this forum...
  18. Engelramm

    This Wit is not white. What did I do?

    I used canned LME for a wit a few months ago and I will never use canned LME again. The extract was old and the final beer was brown and tasted like ink from a ball-point pen. If the taste does not get better, use DME from now on as it does not age or darken as fast as LME.
  19. Engelramm

    need a little hepl.....AGAIN

    Muntons will give you a very different beer from a Kolsch...but it will give you beer...which is something you may not have at the moment. I have had beers take 3 days to start fermenting before and everything turned out fine. I was terrified the whole time, but everything was fine. So, I...
  20. Engelramm

    need a little hepl.....AGAIN

    I also brewed a Kolsch recently and the smack pack didn't swell very much after 2 days. I made a starter and even it took a day to start. I pitched at 65F and fermentation took off within 24 hours. I would think if you knocked the temp up a bit in the freezer it might get things going...but...