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    help with recipe, silver birch sap wine!

    hi, just wondering if this recpipe would work and if anyone can improve it at all? i have jus thought it up today, with no expirence in brewin wine, also theres no mesurments because i havent decided on them yet silver birch sap damsons black berries sugar yeast the sap is just...
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    morning glory wine

    Has anyone tried to make, or even heard of morning glory wine? made from the flowers of a morning glory plant i cant find much info on it but iv read that it tastes quite nice. cheers
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    not addiction but greed

    so you pick up four beers (thinkin thats a good amount).. then you think "what if i run out and dont wanna go to bed?" so you think "better make it six" as you walk away from the beer section, you think "what if i need more? what if 6 isnt enuf? what if i get desperate for another...
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    personally, if i have to fit into a religious catagory, id say pagan.. wondering if there are any here who call themselves pagan too? i imagen there are a few, but not many.. i know there are a lot in america and england.. blessed be lmao peace
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    electric hobs

    moved into my dads house t'other day, wondering how using electric hobs will differ to gas.. they dnt heat up as quick, but i think they get alot hotter when left for half hour (we use them to heat the house as the heating is broke) so i cant turn the heat down quickly, and cant put the...
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    best beers? list them so i can try them!

    I think we need to make a list of the best beers (or brewerys) IN THE WORLD im not great at anilising beers like most of you are.. but so far iv found wychwood to be really amazin brewers an i think id have to put hobgoblin ang goliath at the top of the list.. anyway what are your top...
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    Hopes and Dreams?

    what are your life ambitions.. start a micro brewery? brew pub? open a zoo? sorry if this thread has already been posted, i couldnt find one! personally, i wanna buy some cheap land an a few static caravans.. rent some out to campers an live like a hippy :D ..also obviously have a...
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    my drinking

    had a few beers, greene king IPA beewyched double drop (drinkin now) hobgoblin FRICKIN HELL! beewyched was really good but hobgoblin, i could drink that all night! :D i love wychwood!
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    to colour or not to colour?

    i know there both sh1t but whats best? colour or no colour? second one looks like its been done with a creyon! LMAO
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    My Beer line up

    last weekend was my last alcohol free weekend out of 11 weeks! so im buyin a load of ale to celebrate for staurday! heres what i plan on getting so far Wychwood Hobgoblin Scarecrow Fiddler's Elbow Circle master Marstons Old Empire Double Drop Morland Old Speckled Hen St...
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    who are the worst for smoking?

    here in england i know someone who smokes 40 a day.. but most ppl i know smoke 10 to 20 a day who are the worst for tobacco smokin? my dad tell me the french but i dno...?
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    education in brewing?

    i did google serch this a couple of times and didnt find anythin is there such thing as a degree in brewing? as in going to uni to learn to brew my dad keeps tellin me i should get a degree in brewing but i dno what he is on about :confused: thanks
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    ashy beers

    does anyone like an beer with an "ashy" taste to it ? iv tried a few and decided i didnt like them :( i know some people like them and i was wondering what you all think cheers
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    Pale Ale

    does anyone no a good recipe for a pale ale? if not how is this one (from * 3-4 lb. Pale malt extract syrup, unhopped * 2 lb. Amber dry malt extract * 12 AAU of bittering hops (any variety) For example, 1 oz. of 12% AA Nugget, or 1.5 oz. of 8% AA Perle *...
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    started a 5-6 gal batch of apfel wein on sunday, using cloudy applel juice dextrose and a tea spoon of wine yeast is it normal for it to have not started fermenting yet? theres also some crap on the top that might jus be yeast i spose oh and i added abit more yeast this morning too ew..
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    non alcoholic beer

    right now i have no one to talk to so i thought id post my thoughts here :p why does drinkin non alcoholic beer make me need a pee all the time like normal beer does? and why do i feel dyhydrated the morning after drinking loads of it? (iv started drinking non alcoholic beer in large...
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    apfelwein questions

    hullo im starting a 5 gal batch of edworts apfelwein this week an i have a couple of questions how much sugar do i need for fermenting and then carbing in kg 's also, is cloudy apple juice ok to make it with? will it make anything different? thanks
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    leave the hops in or take them out?

    i have just been reading about extract brewing and was wondering when pouring the wort into the fermentation bucket/carboy is it best to leave the hops in or strain them out? also, iv read that you suposed to pour in the wort "aggresivly" - i know this would be easy with a bucket but how...
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    how long?

    how long has everyone been brewing? and more importantly how good have you gotten over that time? iv been brewin about a year at a guess and still havnt made a good batch! :p i was just wondering if theres anyone here in the same situation, or am i just a very slow learner? :o
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    how to get rid of the sediment?

    hello. im lookin for ways to make the end product when making beer have little or no sediment in it (bottling). hoping for a professional look ya see. im asuming putting beer into secondary when the yeast settles will help reduce sediment? are there anyother ways? :confused: cheers