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    Anyone care to guess what Hill Farmstead does to their water?

    Yeah, I'd emailed him. Good luck on the beer.
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    Milk Alcohol By A Newbie

    They're sweetened with cane need for lactase obviously
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    Final PH of yeast starter. Infected?

    Assuming your meter was calibrated properly...probably lacto or similar, yeah
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    Do you measure wort or air temperature during the diacetyl rest

    I keep mine attached to the fermenter. I'm not sure what the point of using ambient is.
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    protofloc problems

    Afaict, they're just like whirlfloc
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    How is PH effected by reverse osmosis?

    I'm guessing that was just a placeholder number.
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    Imperial Yeast. Watch out!!

    Again though, they're one data point and some of the time they're one person away from statistical significance. So it seems likely some people did notice a difference.
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    Imperial Yeast. Watch out!!

    I'm not necessarily saying the experiments are dangerous in and of themselves. It's the frequent use of them as more than a single data point that is dangerous. Things like the oxygen versus no oxygen experiment or the direct pitch versus rehydration. It can be measured that you get more...
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    Imperial Yeast. Watch out!!

    Presumably you mean the yeast book? It seems odd that the water book would mention it.
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    Imperial Yeast. Watch out!!

    Ah, the dangers of the exbeeriment stuff. At least I assume that's where the vitality starter phrasing came from in his post.
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    Anyone care to guess what Hill Farmstead does to their water?

    I forgot to post this...according to shawn the water alkalinity from his well is about he probably adds a fair bit of acid in addition to a lot of calcium
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    Best Yeast For Belgian Golden Strong Ale

    That's the Duvel yeast.
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    A Brewing Water Chemistry Primer

    Yeah, but it's supposed to be a Heady definitely normally has a fair bit of sulfate.
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    A Brewing Water Chemistry Primer

    It depends. Some spring water might not be soft. Spring water doesn't imply low mineral though.
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    Has anyone use sulfuric acid for mash acidification?

    Without acids the starches in the grain would still convert at the right temperature in water, but the flavor of the beer might not be ideal. You'd hold the temperature, most commonly among homebrewers, by mixing the grains and hot water in a cooler (picnic cooler). The resulting liquid isn't...
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    Reducing alkalinity with slaked lime

    I'll let AJ answer to question about converting to mEq/L, as I forget how, but I can answer the other questions. Yes you should add more Ca++, probably by adding calcium chloride. Calcium sulfate is another option. Yes you should separate the precipitate from the water. I use an autosiphon...
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    Maximizing Efficiency when Batch Sparging

    Yes, stir like your life depends on want to get all of the sugars in to solution
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    304 Stainless and RODI

    Cool, thanks for the reassurance. My porter is mashing as I type.
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    304 Stainless and RODI

    Better safe than sorry :P