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    Where to buy drip tray?

    Thanks all. I think I'm just going to go with a surface mount. Found one on Amazon for $63.
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    Where to buy drip tray?

    I'm building an 8 tap keezer with a diy lid. I'd much prefer not to have a drain to mess with.
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    Where to buy drip tray?

    Does anyone know where I can buy a s/s flush mount drip tray? It needs to be 22"-25" long and no more than 5" wide. Also, and the most difficult criteria... I need it without a drain.
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    For Sale Beer Faucets and Tower

    Can I see I picture of the tower? Located in Sierra Vista AZ. Could drive up to pick it up.
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    Kegerator via Craigslist- crash course in appliance diagnosis?

    I never had luck with the probe in water. The resistor was so easy and worked like a charm though. But it looks like you are on the right track. You definitely have options.
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    Kegerator via Craigslist- crash course in appliance diagnosis?

    Ahhh, the probe is to the left towards the bottom.
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    Kegerator via Craigslist- crash course in appliance diagnosis?

    I used to have one of these and the temperature problem was common with this model. There was a way to add a 100k resister to the internal temperature probe that would solve the problem. I can't seem to find the thread, but I'm sure a google search could help you out. IIRC, you take off that...
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    First Temp Control Too Low

    This! I highly recommend a thermowell. Just drill another hole in your lid, add a rubber grommet and insert the thermowell.. this will cost you $15 at most. Also, I have had a lot of success with one of those seed heat mats wrapped around my fermenter with a budgie cord. Wire the mat and the...
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    Small kegerator with a dorm cube fridge

    Thats pretty cool! You could even use some dry ice to get the internal temp down fast. Does it only hold two kegs, or can you fit more inside?
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    What do you do to make money on the side?

    Steal neighbors' pets and collect the reward money after a lost poster is posted.
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    My Keezer is done!

    When I built my keezer, I had the option to add another keg and faucet as a 2.5 gallon would fit on the hump, but I elected not to. I only brew 5 gallon batches and didn't see the point in splitting a batch and having two of the same beers on tap; however I am now regretting that decision. I...
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    Waiting for a Large Order

    I do brew ten gallon batches when I plan to take a keg to a party or some other event.. one for them and one for me. However, I am such a nerd for variety, I am always itching for the next beer in my line-up. Doing this would get me caught up much quicker, but at the cost of variety in the...
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    Waiting for a Large Order

    Yeah, my original idea is definitely in ideal circumstances. Once I am all caught up, I will definitely have room to be flexible. I plan on having four kegs on standby, with two or three of which will hopefully be carbed and cold so I can switch them out immediately. Ideally, I will already have...
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    Waiting for a Large Order

    Haha, right? I'll buy half my recipes now (just enough to get the free stout) and I'll wait to see if they offer anything good for Veteran's Day.
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    Extract, better late than never

    I would think that is about it, assuming you got the second can mixed in all the way.. let's just call this an extremely late extract addition; it should do wonders for the color haha. If you had good sanitation otherwise, you should have a pretty good shot of making some good beer.
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    Waiting for a Large Order

    Haha no, I have found once a month is the sweet spot for me to brew, especially because that is about the pace I drink 5 gallons. However, here is how I envision my pipeline: 4 kegs in the keezer 4 kegs full and on stand-by 1 beer in the fermeter This way, once a keg is kicked, I...
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    Waiting for a Large Order

    So, after finally building a four tap keezer, purchasing 8 cornys, and getting fermentation chambers, I want to get a solid pipeline running to where my beers are able to age several months before a tap is free. Since SWMBO would probably divorce me if I brewed more than one all-grain batch per...
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    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    Skid Mark
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    Has anybody tried using short shank taps?

    As I stated before, if it will primarily be used by one or two people at a time, it won't be a big issue. Its when 4+ people will be using it that there will likely be an impact. This is where the kegging aspect is different than bottles. "Grab me one while you're up" "Anyone else want one"...