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    Fiddlehead IPA- hops used

    Love Fiddlehead IPA, only info I know is ~6.5%, 53 IBUs, 1 bittering and 3 dry hops. Aroma is full of pine, earth and resembles weed. No clones and the brewery is not interested in sharing guesses at hops used, which I understand. I'm thinking the dry hop is a blend of Centennial, Columbus and...
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    Spike Conical- observations and best practices

    I figured I'd get a thread started dedicated to folks using the conical. I recently received my CF10 and similar to my other Spike products, quality is fantastic. Currently fermenting a NE IPA with around 9 oz dry hops. It is cold up here, so I am using a ferm wrap, taped on and controlling it...
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    Spike Conical temp control questions

    I bit the bullet and ordered a Spike Conical. I plan on using a fermwrap for heating, an Inkbird AC temp controller, and a cooler with sump pump and ice for cooling. I have seen some people use 3/8" insulated tubing for the chilling connects. Could anyone share any specifics on the tubing and...
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    Johnson controls Analog Temperature Controller's

    I have 2 sitting around doing nothing. $30 each or both for $50, if I have to ship it may be a couple of extra dollars. Located in Northeast CT(close to MA and RI).
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    HERMS mill gap

    Finally bit the bullet on an electric brewery and I've read that with HERMS systems, a larger mill gap may actually result in higher efficiency. I've tightened mine up from around .039 to .047 and didn't notice much of a difference in efficiency. I'm just wondering what other folks on HERMS...