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    Water help

    Hey everyone and Hank you in advance for the help. I am new to the water thing and do not have the means to download brew'n water at this time. I do have some info for my water from my local municipality. Can anyone see anything I should be concerned about or try an adjust? I do all grain BIAB...
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    White labs 300 didn't attentuate

    Hello, So my latest Hefe batch hasn't gone down below 1.018. OG was 1.064. It has been in the fermenter for 10 days now set at 68 for the first 48 hours then 70 for the last 8 days. The only thing I can think of is maybe my mash was a little higher than I thought at 156-158 for about 15 min...
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    Dunkles Weissbier Uncle Dunkel Hefeweizen.

    Here's a Dunkel I brewed up and have been getting rave reviews for. It was inspired by my recent trip to Bavaria. I compared it to a Franziskaner and it's dead on as far as color goes. A little roastier than the Franziskaner but so dang good. Unkle Dunkel Style: DunkelweizenOG: 1.056 Type...
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    Dunkelweizen recipe

    Here is a recipe for a Dunkelweizen I did recently. I compared it to Franziskaner's Dunkelweizen and it's pretty close other than mines a little more roasty. Anyone have any input for me? I made it completely from scratch just guessing on amounts and types of malt. On the left is the...
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    Pale ale recipe

    Hello, I'm wanting to do a easy drinking less hoppy pale ale for the wife and other non-hoppy beer drinkers. This is what I've come up with. What do ya think? Thanks in advance! Pale ale Style: American Pale AleOG: 1.055 Type: All GrainFG: 1.013 Rating: 0.0ABV: 5.50 % Calories: 179IBU's: 35.10...
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    This seems like too good of a deal. Are these a good buy? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Gushers( not the fruit snack)

    Ok, I know this question comes up all the time. And I've read responses before from people but right now I can't seem to find anything. So if its super redundant I'm sorry. So my problem is in my latest batch. It's an IPA I did. And while younger I had no problems with gushers or over...
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    Help with first IPA Recipe

    Hello all. I'm pretty new here but I've been lurking for quite some time. I have a while 8 brews under my belt and 2 of those are BIAB all grain. I just planted some hops this year. Centennial Columbus Cascade And MTV hood. I'm wanting to make a House Hop IPA basically just using the hop...
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    First BIAB

    Well last week I went for it and jumped in head first from full boil extract to doing my first all grain BIAB. I brewed a Hefeweizen. 6.6lbs of weyerman wheat 4.4lbs best pils .5lbof rice hulls. 1oz Hallertauer for 60 min While Labs 300 I mashed at 154 for 60min, then did a 10min mash out at...