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  1. UnderThePorchBrewing

    SG for Port?

    this might be a stupid question to ask now but hope somebody can help. I am making my first true port and will be fortifying it soon. are there any general guidelines for back sweetening the wine to a certain gravity either before or after fortifying it? or go by taste? or should I buy a port I...
  2. UnderThePorchBrewing

    Belgian golden ale with cocoa nibs

    am planning on a belgian golden ale with nibs in secondary for Christmas. it is a 2.5 Gallon batch . I have 4 oz nibs but was thinking 2 oz. and save the other two for a stout or porter. or would it be more appropriate to use 1 oz for the style? any suggestions for those who have used nibs? this...
  3. UnderThePorchBrewing

    Port wine question?

    I love port in the winter and have made one port kit 3 yrs ago which I am now down to the last 3 bottles. after reading a lot on net searches I want to create my own port using official grapes and did find a company that has 5 gallon frozen Tempranillo juice that I will eventually order in once...
  4. UnderThePorchBrewing

    Dry hopping duration question

    have an india brown ale that I brewed last wednesday and dry hopped this past wednesday. the recipe says to leave for a week then bottle. I now can not spend the time mid week bottling and am wondering if bottling tomorrow (4 full days) vs next Saturday (11 days) will have a significant...
  5. UnderThePorchBrewing

    a friend wants to learn. favorite is Bell's Two hearted any clone kits available

    As the title says, a friend of mine who has been fermenting wine for years has realized he now likes beer,specifically pale ales and IPA's and wants to learn to brew. His favorite is Bell's Two Hearted and wants to try this as his first beer. Does anyone know if there are any companies that...
  6. UnderThePorchBrewing

    pilsen yeast fermented at 60 vs clai lager at 60

    Brewed an American Amber lager Saturday with the wyeast Pilsen yeast. for some reason did not begin to ferment after 48hrs at 55 degrees so had a cali lager pack and pitched this. fermentation started within 12 hrs at 58-60 degrees and and been going well. If for whatever reason the Pilsen...
  7. UnderThePorchBrewing

    coconut taste in a stout

    finally brewed ode to arthur stout and had problems brew day the irish ale yeast did not start was a little old and due to spur of the moment brewing did not create a starter just used the smack pack. so to salvage used dry packet of 04. then had a heat wave here in PA and this fermented warm...
  8. UnderThePorchBrewing

    using a belgian dark recipe without belgian yeast

    have recently begun brewing more after a long year of not brewing (only 2 batches in 14 months). have a long list of things I want to try and was looking at some recipes. My wife does not like darker beers because she is very taste sensitive to the burnt or roasted flavor, she does enjoy...
  9. UnderThePorchBrewing

    Rickard's Red

    My wife and I were recently in Canada and had this for dinner most nights. It is a good sit down and drink BMC beer with dinner and was wondering if anyone has a clone recipe or if any of our Canadian members know how to back engineer a recipe. I did search the forum and found a base recipe...
  10. UnderThePorchBrewing

    english mild 1st 12 hrs temp too warm

    Yesterday I brewed an English mild and used Wyeast witbread strain. This is the first time using this yeast. On the site it says the temperature range is 65 to 75 degrees F. I put the carboy downstairs in the basement on the concrete floor thinking my basement is always upper60's to at most...
  11. UnderThePorchBrewing

    Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome

    I am in the process of planning several late summer and early fall brewtime recipes and wanted to brew a Winter Welcome like recipe. Has anyone tried either the Clonebrew's recipe or AHS's clone recipe and can give an opinion on how close either is to the original?
  12. UnderThePorchBrewing

    Yards Brewing:Philadelphia Pale Ale hop question

    For the summer I like having Yards PPA as my commercial pale ale in the refrig. Yesterday I bought a case and 32$!!! seems way too high for a beer brewed less than 100 miles from me. Anyone else who likes this have a close clone recipe? or any suggestions for their hop profile? I would like...
  13. UnderThePorchBrewing

    Not washing yeast question

    I have a 3g Kolsch batch that I will be bottling tonight. I do not have time with my schedule to wash the yeast at all right now but will be brewing another again in 2 weeks with this same yeast and want to save the cost. Would it be OK to take the yeast cake and cover it with distilled...
  14. UnderThePorchBrewing

    amazon's recommendation generator

    Have to love amazon's recommendation generator. A few weeks ago I looked at the heating element because I want a new brewpot for Christmas. Today I get this e-mail with everything else already preselected, pictures included! when I went to the site the section that says "after viewing this...
  15. UnderThePorchBrewing

    extra long primary fermentation time question.

    Back in the summer I brewed Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale ale. Well life has a way of getting away from us and it is still in my fermentation box in a glass carboy after 12 weeks. I hope to bottle it in a day or so. I have had it at a fairly controlled temp of approx 62F it fermented at 67...
  16. UnderThePorchBrewing

    question regarding reusing yeast cake for similar brews

    one of my favorite brews is a pale english mild from zymurgy a couple of years ago. I want to do this again with trying a liquid witbread yeast (I had used s-04 the first time) but afterwards I was wondering if I could reuse the yeast cake for a similar abv but dark english mild. are there...
  17. UnderThePorchBrewing

    Guinness Extra Stout question

    I have seen several recipes for the Guinness Draught. Can this be scaled up to 6.0% ABV to give a close approximation to the Extra Stout or are they completely different recipes? I like the Draught but my favorite is the Extra stout bottled version here in the US. I really enjoy it while...
  18. UnderThePorchBrewing

    cardboard cases for storage question

    Does anyone know if there is a company that makes generic white cardboard cases that can be purchased? I see they have 6 pack containers but I am looking for a case for 24 beers.
  19. UnderThePorchBrewing

    IPA recipe needed

    I have looked at the recipe databas but am lost. I have not ventured too far into hoppiness but plan on trying an IPA this spring and am not sure about recipes to use. I want to have one available for my July 4th BBQ. I have tried several pale ales and IPA's and Yards is, I think, becoming my...
  20. UnderThePorchBrewing

    Question about BYO Mag Briess Recipe cards

    Have looked at some of the Breiss recipe cards recipes and a few look good. last month had a red cream lager. one of our friends loves Dos Equis Amber and was thinking this would be a quick extract brew for the summer when he his wife and kids come over. has anyone brewed any of these recipes...