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    Camden how long?

    So I forgot how long to wait after treating cider with camden before I can pitch? I was able to get to the "Apple Harvest Festival" in Fortuna up near Eureka. I t was great, a lot smaller deal than I thought it would be. However I got 5gal of fresh pressed cider that was filtered but not...
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    Oatmeal Stout a good first try?

    Have a few ciders under my belt and am wanting to finally do a beer. I am comfortable with the fact that extract is a very viable way to brew. So the main question is two fold, first is a oatmeal stout a reasonable first beer? Secondly what do I need to have to get started with an extract beer...
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    I suck at math! Help please?

    I just bottled a 5 gal. batch in which the OG was 1.07 and the FG is 1.01. So can some one explain the math for the ABV?
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    Well the fishing has slowed and I broke the Jeep so I time to work up another batch.

    Well as it says I broke the Jeep the last time out so it sits, and the fishing sucks right now so not that it is a consolation prize but I now have time to get back to start up another batch. I am wondering if mixing some nutrient into the the juice and sugar to start the new batch off? The...
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    I bottled my cider after a month in primary and a month and a half in secondary. It measured 1.00 at bottling so I added two cans of AJC into about five gallons of cider. I bottled and bottled a test bottle. The test bottle, a 20 oz soda bottle, is tight to the point I can barely squeeze it. It...
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    Silly little question?

    Okay I know this sounds a little odd or silly. How should nutrient be added? Just dump it in from a measuring spoon dry or dissolve in juice? If dry let it sit on top or stir gently just to disperse and wet? What is quote, un-quote right?
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    Think this will survive?

    Okay so I think I may have racked to secondary too early. I didn't have a hydrometer to test OG when I started the cider. How ever I let it ferment for a month and then racked it over to secondary. I was able to get the tools since starting the cider and so when racking to secondary I pulled a...
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    Dry Ice for carb?

    Not gonna try it myself but being the time of year it is my mom always made a punch for the Halloween party that she put dry ice in and it cooled it as well as carbed it. Of course it was more about the fog rolling of the caldrin effect but just a wacky thought that the memory stirred. So has...
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    How long to clear?

    I started 5 gallons of cider on the 13th of Oct. It is fermenting away and seems to be all good in that respect. My question though is how long does it take to clarify, or will it in primary fermentation? If that will happen in secondary okay, however if it is supposed to happen in primary than...
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    Does any body have a marine aquarium hydrometer and a brewing hydrometer that can compare them and tell me if they are the same? I have an expensive one for my reef tank and am wondering if it is calibrated the same or not. If so I could sterilize and use it until I can get a brew hydrometer.
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    I may have a stuck fermentation?

    Started 5g of cider last Sunday. It bubbled like crazy for 4 days then slowed to 8 bubbles a min, then almost nothing overnight. 1 to 2 bubbles in three minutes. So should I add fermaid nutrient? Haven't been able to get the hydrometer yet. I thought it would be a month before I needed it. I do...
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    Mangrove Jack's for first cider

    Has anyone used this yeast and can you lend an idea of what my finished cider might turn out to be. Recipe: 3 gallons Gravenstein unfiltered flash pasteurized 2 gallons Mixed variety flash pasteurized 1lb dark brown sugar 1 pck Mangrove Jack's craft cider yeast M02 5 grams Fermaid 1...
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    Well put an intro in the Intro forum. Now here.

    Working on my first cider. My niece actually got me started. She makes cider and mead. So talked with her extensively and finally did it. I mixed 3gal Gravenstienes fresh press cider and 2gal of mixed verity fresh press cider. Both type were pasteurized. So I added 1lb dark brown sugar, 5g...