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    dry hopping pale ale

    Hi guys, I have a youngs pale ale kit, and ive heard it can be a bit bland, so i wanted to dry hop it with target hops. Can anyone give any advice on when and how much to use? I was going to ad them at the end of primary fermentation and leave them 3 days or so before bottling. What do you...
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    Cold crash

    Hi, Ive got some 'better brew bandit beer', a desperados style lager but with an ale yeast. I want to cold crash it to get a really clear beer-is it worth putting it in the porch which will probably be 4-7 degrees C or is that not cold enough? How long would I leave it before bottling? 2-3...
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    A few questions from a newbie!

    Hi guys, jut had a few questions I was hoping you could answer! Is it okay to leave the beer for a few extra days after all the bubbling has stopped? It looks set to stop just as I start exams so don't want the haste of bottling and revising at the same time, but do t wavy the beer ruined! Are...
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    first brew-worried about temperature!

    Hi guys, new to the forum and just started my first brew (muntons bitter) My beer doesn't have any signs of fermenting (though I know its early, its only been going for around 24 hours) I was wondering if my house is too cold? It is probably somewhere around 10-15 degrees C as I don't have...