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  1. J

    Sulphur stink

    Occasionally when I brew a cider I get a late sulphur smell. I add nutrients to the yeast and hold a temp of 60 with us-04, notty, and kit cider yeasts. I generally add 2.5 tsp at the beginning and 1 tsp a week in followed by another at week 2. Any ideas? Should I be adding more in because the...
  2. J

    Size vs weight

    I picked up a white beer extract kit. I do not have a scale and it came with 3 liters of wheat extract. What is that in pounds? Thanks!
  3. J

    Fermentation time using Nottingham Ale Yeast

    How long do you think it will take from start to finish my cider? I have not used this yeast before. It is my third cider brewed, each time I have used a different yeast. I hear good things about this but I have not seen how quickly it can ferment. I do not want to have it go too low to quick...