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    Iowa Keggle w/ball valve and pickup tube for sale/trade

    I've got a keggle with a weldless ball valve and a pickup tube. Works great, just wanting to go back to a kettle. So looking for *checks amazon prices* $68.59, or straight up trade for a 10gal or larger SS Kettle. Local only, shipping is the worst, eastern iowa.
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    Cloudy Cider (not the question you're thinking of)

    So... the server at a local brewery had this wild idea to make a beer that glitters, because she saw it online. The brewer just kept making fun of her, as he should. I told her I'd help, but only if it were a cider, to save all the time and hassle of a real mash. From what I can tell...
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    Iowa March 815 Stainless Steel Pump + Random Camlock Fittings

    March 815 SS Pump, used about a half dozen times. Right now it's got a valve + barb on one end and a camlock on the other, but if you want both ends camlocked that's fine by me. - $125 + shipping Some Camlocks/fittings - Stainless Steel 1/2" Male camlock x 1/2" male NPT - Style F x 2 (3 if...
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    Best for mini conversions?

    So at my kid's 1yrold birthday yesterday I accidentally pierced a line and my previous danby 4.4 is headed to the scrap heap. Is there a new "best mini fridge" recommendation? In a perfect world it would fit two pin locks and a 5lb tank, but beggars can't be choosers... Need to have the new...
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    Iowa Parts for DIY RIMS tube

    I've got the parts for a 120v 1-1/2" SS RIMS tube. I put it together, ran water through it, never got around to re-wrapping one of the threads, and never used it. Gathering dust in the garage, figure I should sell it off. I have: 1x - 8" SS Pipe 3x - 1-1/2" NPT Male to 1/2" NPT Female...
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    WTB - Thermapen

    I'm a brewer, I'm also into smoking/bbq, so a thermapen is finally a reasonable investment. I don't need the latest and greatest, so if anyone has an older model thermapen they're looking to sell, would love to hear from you. Thanks
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    The woes of a 120v brewer

    OK, so currently, I brew with propane. And it sucks. I just finished my RIMS tube/panel build, waiting for more silicone hose to arrive to actually use it, but so far, it is very, very exciting. So in looking into some things around my house (a duplex, built in 1992), it looks like the...
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    Questions before buying camlocks

    So I'm moving into using my pump, and rather than deal with hoses and clamps, I figured I'd go full camlock right off the bat, since the prices are a lot nicer than I thought. I haven't decided whether I'm going with bargainfittings or brewhardware yet, depends on price, I guess. But assuming...
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    Element wouldn't fit through the hole?

    (that's what she said). So I purchased this element for a RIMS build in 1.5" stainless pipe, but the fold over at the end wouldn't fit through the 1" adapter to screw it in. So a couple questions: #1 - Am I just a moron and trying to assemble it wrong? I have the 1.5" tee, with a 1.5" to...
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    RIMS tube, complete or parts.

    Looking to build a RIMS tube. I'm fine with threaded but would listen to good offers on a tri clover setup as well. Just looking for ANY supplies for this mission. I have nothing. Thanks
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    Iowa Duda Diesel Plate Chiller

    I have a Duda Diesel B3-12A-30ST Plate Chiller with garden hose water connections, and 1/2inch barb word connections. I purchased it from another HBT user, I only used it once, it works great, but I think based on the way my 'brewery' is set up, I prefer the immersion chiller, gravity feeding...
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    Cleaning an old plate chiller?

    A friend offered me a plate chiller. He hasn't brewed in years. He can't remember what his cleaning regimen was after each brew day, but said I'm welcome to use it. How in the heck do I go about getting this thing back in usable condition? Is it even possible?
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    2-tap tower

    Looking to buy a 2-tap tower assembly. Not too concerned as to whether they come with taps or not, but shanks , tower, and mounting hardware are a must. Let me know what you have.
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    Uh oh. Grain to glass orange wit in two weeks?

    I know most hefe/wit are best young, so I'm hoping this is possible after procrastinating on a brew i promised a friend's wife after she had her child... I need to kick out an orange wit in two weeks. I have kegging, so burst carbing is do-able (just gotta be waaaay careful not to overcarb...
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    Oh crap, just dumped a half bottle of defoamer into my boil

    I've got a boil going, and went to put in some de-foamer 105 (10% silicone) from Five Star Chemical to prevent boilovers, and the squirt top popped off, and anywhere from a quarter to a half bottle went into my boil.... what the HECK do i do now? is it poison? do i just filter through a...
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    Maybe I'm just an idiot, Universal Poppet Installation?

    So I had some poppets that were being a bit of pain in the arse (one of three legs not seating on the same ring as the others, so occasionally it would get stuck. Not a huge deal on the gas post, but got myself drenched in chocolate stout when it happen from the liquid post) I grabbed some...
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    Brass Solenoid Valves

    So I'm working on a (hopefully) cool DIY project for my keezer, using some electronics (mainly arduino), and some solenoid valves to act as shutoffs for my lines (cats, new dog, kids eventually, etc). All the stainless steel solenoid valves i can find are crazy expensive, like 100+ per...
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    Hissing, losing co2 from regulator release valve.

    I've got a single body regulator, and recently it's starting behaving very angrily... It would hiss and release pressure anywhere above 10PSI... I could occasionally get it to hold pressure by futzing with it just right, but it's stopped cooperating all together... What are my options? I...
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    Looking for co2 distributor/manifold

    Looking to get a CO2 manifold/distributor, at least 3, maybe as many as 5 or 6 outputs. Don't particularly care if it's barbs or MFL, would prefer them with individual shutoffs and check valves. Let me know what you've got. Thanks
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    Nibs soaked in vodka smell awful

    So I have a milk stout that I want to add some chocolate to. I put 5oz of raw cacao nibs in with enough vodka to cover them into a Mason jar. They've been in there five days and soaked up a lot of the vodka, so I went to add a little more vodka, and smelled it... And it smells absolutely...