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    Vintage tap types.

    I was binge watching some old beer commercials the other day and I started paying attention to the taps. I would say 95% of them were your standard "Perlick Style" rear sealers. There was another type I saw a few times. This style showed up in a few Schlitz ads Tap Right Forward sealer...
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    Source for stainless pass through shank?

    See this? I need one in stainless. I am not having any luck finding one. This brings up my next question , could I take one of these, chop off the faucet end and use it? Stainless beer shank Thanks
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    Updates on Charlie Talley

    Charlie Talley for those of you who don't know, is the inventor of Star San, PBW and many other handy cleaning and sanitation products for home and professional brewers. You may not have heard but he left Five Star Chemicals, makers of Star San, PBW and other handy compounds. He now works in the...
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    How to tell difference between stainless and chrome Perlick forward sealing faucets in a photo?

    Is there a way to tell the difference between chrome plated and stainless steel Perlick forward sealing faucets in a photo? Are they marked stainless? Is there a model number on the out side? They are attached to a tower so I can't see in them. I doubt the seller has a faucet wrench so I don't...
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    Quat Questions

    Quat based cleaners are plentiful, particularly in professional kitchens. Homebrewers are told to avoid them becase they will make your beer taste like cardboard and have no head. I was doing some research on how to get glasses "beer clean" and found the SDS for Last Call Beer Glass Sanitizer...
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    Tips on EVABarrier hose sizing?

    Looks like William's has it back in stock so I can order (hopefully) the last thing I need to set up a keg and refurbish my jockey boxes. For my keg set up I will be going from a 2.5 gallon Corny to a disconnect-to an adapter - to a 690SS Flow Control Perlick faucet. The faucet will be inside...
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    Tap handles from the lumber yard

    I know others have posted DIY tap handles that they made from stuff from a lumber yard. These were pre fab. All I had to do was thread them on. Tap Handle one. I call it "The Lawn Mower Starter" Here is what it looks like installed: Tap Handle #2 "The Ball" I am using it right now. #1 is $3...
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    Stuck tap.

    I bought one of these from a person locally: It was still sealed in the box. I opened it up, put it together and messed around with it a little. The tap is spring loaded to shut off automatically. When I first put...
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    Cider made with Distillers Yeast

    A few months ago I looked all around on the internet for info about using distillers yeast (DADY) to make apple cider. I came up with nothing. I was ordering a keg anyway so I ordered a pound of Red Star DADY. The first batch is finished and I am drinking it now. It tastes fine to me. It...
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    Cheap tap labels.

    In the proud homebrew tradition of repurposing items I would like to present these: TAGBOTTLE Bottle Neck Chalk Board Tags I suspect you could drill holes in the other edge and rotate them 90 degrees if your taps are spaced closer. I have never ordered from this place but they have lots of...
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    Handy chart for cylinder fittings.

    I came across this. It has helped me out so I thought I would pass it on. It seems all most homebrewers will need to know from this chart is CO2 tanks have CGA 320 fittings while Nitrogen/ Nitrogen & Nitrogen and CO2 mix tanks (Beer Gas) usually have CGA 580 fittings. Who is to say that...
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    Rubber faucet cover or brush/ plug combo?

    Do you use the rubber faucet covers or the combo brush and plug deals? Or do you leave your taps uncovered when not in use? Seems like keeping them covered makes sense. I just wanted to hear from people who had used one or the other (or both).
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    Can you use Guinness Gas with hard apple cider.

    The saga of my Facebook marketplace deal continues... The tanks that came with all the other stuff are labeled for Nitrogen / CO2 mix. Turns out they still have gas in them as well. I don't know how much, I need to look around for a tare weight and then weigh them. Is there any use for 75%...
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    Free first order up to $250 at custom printing.

    They make labels, coasters, stickers and all sorts of things. Just the thing if you have a logo and a name for your "brewery". I don't know if you have to pay shipping, don't know anything about the quality of the products. I just saw the offer of $250 worth of custom printing and thought I...
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    Cheap drip trays

    These aern't on much of a sale but I had not seen this style before. These would come out cheaper than some of the home made ones I have seen. 4-1/2"Black Octagon Coffee Drip Tray, Pack of 4 6" Restaurant Drip Tray, Black Octagon 6" x 6", Case of 4 They come out to about $2.25 each, sold in...
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    Super No-Rinse Beverage System Cleaner, 5 lb Tub $16.31 Save 38%

    Special Offer - Super No-Rinse Beverage System Cleaner, 5 lb Tub Here is the SDS, I am not sure you can buy the active ingedints for much less than this price. I don't know anything...
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    Is this a forward sealing tap?

    Anyone have experince with these kind of taps? Ali Express It doesn't look like a normal rear sealer yet it doesn't look like a forward sealing Perlick either. I am in need of this kind of set up and that is a great price for a stainless steel flow control faucet. However from reading the...
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    Anyone use a paintball CO2 tank?

    What adapter did you use? Can you use a normal (full sized) regulator? Are some tanks more suited for this than others? I am asking because I see a lot of different adapters and would like to buy one that actually works the first time. Thanks.
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    Perlick Tap handle $20 plus shipping

    Final Sale! If you scroll down a bit you will find it They only have one. Perlick sells them for $79 and up. They quoted me $20 for shipping that would have made the total $40. More than I am willing to pay but I thought it might be worth $40 to someone on here. I have never dealt with that...
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    Faucet questions

    Hello, I am new to kegging. homebrewing and everything that goes with it. I picked up a couple used jockey boxes that were put away dirty. I have gotten one of the faucets off (I think it will take a couple of pipe wrenches to get the other 2 off. Faucet wrench couldn't budge 'em). Should...