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    Gingerbread Ale suggestions

    Hi everyone, I'm making a gingerbread ale and was wondering if I can get some suggestions. I need hop suggestions and I want to know what everyone thinks of the amounts of spices I am using. This is what I'm going on so far: 8 oz caramunich 8oz victory malt 8 chocolate malt 4 lbs light DME 2...
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    Dry Irish Stout-carbombs?

    Never brewed an Irish Stout before. And I'd like to brew one in time for St. Patty's day. I'd also like to be able use a few of them for a car bomb or two. I know the curdling of the beer has something to do with the acidity. Can anyone provide me any information or recommendations for...
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    Dry Hopping Question

    Still a noob! I'm going to dry hop for the first time. I want to use muslin hop bags to do so. How does one go about insuring the use of the bag is sanitary? Do I just dip it into my sanitization solution? Thanks! Mark