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    How many batches do you brew in a month?

    I started brewing at the beginning of the year, and I just brewed my 43rd 5 gallon batch at home. Generally brew once a week. Though as many others have mentioned, sometimes it's no brewing for two or three weeks, then I'll brew 3 batches within a week. I share a lot of my brew (especially...
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    Ok, please dont kill the newbie……….Coors Light...

    And on that note, a British mild might be a nice beer to try and win some light beer drinkers over with. They're more characterful than american domestic macro, though I would say altogether different, and they're low enough ABV that you can drink them at length.
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    Ok, please dont kill the newbie……….Coors Light...

    I second the Kölsch yeast recommendation. It gets nice and dry like a lager, and also throws some faint sulfur aromas that lend itself to seeming like a lager. You could use all pils, or add a little bit of Munich as well. Keep your IBU's low with a 60 and a 30 minute addition.
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    Early Morning Brews

    I love this thread. I haven't been part of the early morning club in a while. Now that the cold is setting in, I find myself staying in bed longer. But I've recently had the bug to brew brew brew. I think I'll be up early on thanksgiving to get a brew or two done. I like to call my morning...
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    crisp brown malt and special roast the same stuff? recipe help please

    Well, it depends what kind I brown. I'm currently working through a keg of brown I made with Maris otter, crystal 65, victory, special roast, midnight wheat, and special b and it is delicious. Dare I say amazing. You see special roast and victory/biscuit malt in a lot of nut brown recipes due...
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    English IPA Partial Mash & Boil

    I think crystal is pretty important to the English bitters. I'd use some English pale crystal in a British IPA. I have yet to try torrified wheat, but look forward to playing around with it. I'm not a fan of EKG by themselves. I made a best bitter and found them incredibly boring. I'm a fuggles...
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    Rodent proof grain in my basement?

    My basement had a big earwig problem this summer. All my grain is either in the plastic bags from the malsters or the homebrew shop, then it goes into a big Rubbermaid tote. All my base malts are in the Rubbermaid totes. All the specialty grains are in a shopping bag. Haven't had any problems so...
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    help with IPA.

    sub out a # of 2-row for Munich. But I agree that all your numbers and ingredients seem to suggest you would not have a thin beer. I would double check the accuracy of your thermometer for your mash temp. I find it hard to believe 152 is producing a beer of that size that seems thin. Yeast isn't...
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    Marris Otter SMaSH

    Surprised the fuggles got so undrinkable. Perhaps they were overdone, but when I use them I get a nice, soft fruitiness. Maris otter is always my go to grain for distinctly English beers. I like to pair Thomas fawcett Maris otter with any of their crystal malts. Heaven.
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    all challenger hopped english ipa

    I always find myself searching for the detailed descriptions of people using single hops in beer, so I thought I'd share my own. 10.5# thomas fawcett maris otter 1# thomas fawcett pale crystal [email protected] 2oz [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 2oz dry hop...
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    Extracting coffee for stout

    You can totally do coffee in your boil. Adding coffee at bottling seems like a huge potential risk. Throw the coffee in your boil, whenever is fine, but the brewery I work at likes to go with 30 minutes, to try and minimize the potential for anything in the coffee potentially spoiling bottles...
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    What was your first "perfect" beer?

    I've brewed relentlessly this past year. Got started brewing on new year's day this year, and to say the least, it is my love, my profession, and my obsession. Averaging a batch a week at home, I also work for a micro brewery, making about 100bbls a week on average there. My first perfect beer...
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    Winter brews!

    Working on a few things. Favorite fall beer? ESB. I've already made this recipe 4 or 5 times this year. As winter approaches, I want to do an old ale, English IPA (potentially oaked), breakfast stout, black IPA, robust porter, etc. Dubbel is a really good cool weather beer, quite complex, yet...
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    Sour mash

    Yes, the OG will be affected, as your lacto starts consuming the sugars in your mash. I found an article somewhere online about using a 1# of unmilled grain per 5 gallon batch to sour, however, I did not truly sour mash, but instead mashed and lautered as normal , then collected my wort in the...
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    english brown?

    I am surprised that my beer is as sweet as it is with the small amount of crystal malt in it. However, the new version will be just a hair lighter on the midnight wheat, I'll keep the crystal the same, and cut the Munich altogether. If I shoot for a lower gravity, my yeast should attenuate a...
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    english brown?

    A few weeks back, I put together a recipe, not really knowing the exact style I was working with. I had an idea of how it was going to come out, but after doing some reading, sounds like I may have a made a higher gravity version of a english brown. Recipe as follows: 10# thomas fawcett maris...
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    Chocolate rye porter help

    I just brewed this again, actually. As fall approaches a little faster every day, I've been getting excited about making some darker beers. I changed the grist to: 7# 2 row 3.5# rye 1.2# crystal 120 .8# chocolate rye Hopped with: 1.5oz Golding @60 1oz [email protected] 1oz fuggles @10 1oz [email protected]
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    Trub separation

    You could definitely collect all the wort from your brew kettle into the conical, wait 30 minutes or so and open the dump valve, the pitch. I've heard of some breweries doing this. However, you introduce a couple more chances for infections/contaminations to occur. I suppose the real question...
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    Michigan Malt co 2-row

    I haven't used the MI 2row in a few months. Lately I've been using Canada malt co's 2row. I get it really cheap. If I could buy MI malt co's malt for a better price, like $45 a bag, I'd try it again. I don't know that there was anything problematic with the malt itself. I've had really...
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    Session Rye EPA

    It is my opinion that rye can get lost depending on a recipe. I also like to mash rye low to keep it from being too creamy, which all ryes have a tendency of being. Considering how much Munich you have, and the hops and crystal, I don't see any reason for carapils. I'd just replace it with rye...