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  1. J

    wurt chilling

    I just bought a new brew pot (made of stainless steal and an aluminum and magnetic steel bottom) anyway, it says on the side not to rapidly change its temperature b/c it may cause warping. however I used to always submerge my brewpot (full of wort) in an ice pot to rapidly cool. do you think it...
  2. J

    Conditioning temp. for a lager

    After bottling should I condition my steam beer at the same temperature as I fermented at (about 49F)? what will yield the best result?
  3. J

    Pear ale

    I was thinking about it the other day and thought a pear ale could be a tasty creation, however I wasn't really sure how many pears I would need to use and when I should add them. I've heard that adding them to the secondary is a good time. I guess I was just thinking about adding the pears to a...
  4. J

    best brew site

    Where is the best website to buy ingredients from. there is no brew shot in my town. Thanks
  5. J

    what's brewing

    I see all you guys with lists of what your brewing and drinking at the end of every post and I was just wondering how to do that.
  6. J


    I have a buddy I'm trying to help with his first batch. unfortunately I dont have a scale. he needs 2.2 lbs of sugar is there any conversion for wieght to volume? lbs to cups? thanks
  7. J

    brown ale

    I'm looking for a good brown ale recipe, and a good recipe website. any ideas?
  8. J


    Hi, I'm new to brewing and I just started my first batch. It is an oatmeal stout and it has been in the carboy for around 15 or 16 hour and there is only a small amount of activity. I was wounding if this is normal and if not what I should do