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    Ginger and raisen ale

    So I am going to make a pale ale out of what I can get from a weakly stocked local brew shop. I have always wanted to add raisin to my beer and ginger. So I thought I could try both, what do people think? I don't have the time or patience to try a small batch so it will be all or nothing in...
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    Flat Cider and ginger beer!

    So the cider I made is flat in the bottles. I'm not sure if it's because the champagne plastic corks I used are crap or I bottled it to late and there was no yeast left to ferment the priming sugar?! One batch is 18m old and the other 9m. I was thinking of making some ginger beer and heard it...
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    No bottle carbonation.

    I have been making beer and cider for about 5 years now. All my homemade drinks I let carbonate in the bottle. This year I used fizzy wine bottles and plastic champaign corks for my cider. I primed with sugar as usual but after 6 months the bottle I tried had no fizz. I tried it early as a...
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    Cider open for a few days

    So I had two gallons of finished fermenting cider, or so I thought, in demijohns in the shed. Some time in the last few days or possible more. The bungs pushed out due to fermentation leaving them open. There was a dead fly in one? So I siphoned out the cider leaving behind crud and mixed some...
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    Champagn disgorging

    Hi, I want to freeze the neck of my champagne bottles for disgorging. Has anyone ever tried using this before? I am using glass bottles and hollow plastic champagne stoppers. Thanks guys.
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    Red wine stored in keg?

    Is there any reason I can't store my red wine from a syrup based mix in one of my unused king kegs? I'm going to drink through it at such a reasonable pace I'm thinking why bottle them up.