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    Chest freezer cost per month

    Hey everyone, Just set up a keezer build about 3 weeks ago and got my first electric bill since setting it up. It bumped my monthly bill by $50! Is that normal? What is your normal monthly cost to operate the keezer? Thanks!
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    Question about a temp controller

    Hey everyone. So I just got my freezer and temp controller (Inkbird ITC-308). I plugged it all in to test it out and set it at 40 degrees (gonna do cold crashing soon). It gets to 40, the compressor stops, and then the temp still falls to about 30 degrees, obviously below freezing. Anyone...
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    American IPA Southwest IPA (neomexicanus/Medusa - AG and extract)

    Decided to make an IPA with Medusa (neomexicanus) as the aroma hops. Smells and tastes amazing. I have an AG and an extract recipe. AG: 10 lbs 2-Row 1 lb. Caramel 40 (Mash for 60 mins @ 152F) 2 oz. Cascade [5.3% AA] (60 mins) 1 oz. Medusa [3.0% AA] (20 mins) 1 Whirlfloc tablet (10...
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    Starting a keezer build

    Hi all, Starting a keezer build very soon and I think I have everything I'll need, but wanted to ask the experienced builders if there's something I'm missing or if you have any tips/tricks for me to keep in mind. I have a 5 cu ft chest freezer I'll be using to house two corny kegs. I'm...
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    Question about bottle bombs

    Hey everyone, Thanks for reading and for any help in advance. I've been brewing for a few months now and have made 6-7 batches and never had a bottle bomb. I'm pretty thorough about sanitation. New to having a bottle bomb. Yesterday, I cracked open a test bottle of a batch of pumpkin spice...
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    Double IPA Six Shades of Darkness (Imperial Black IPA)

    Hey all - got an extract recipe for you here. Seems most are AG around here, lol. I call it Six Shades of Darkness due to the six different kinds of hops. Couldn't think of a better name, really. Hope you enjoy if you decide to brew! If you do, let us all know what you...
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    Help with a black IIPA recipe (extract)

    Hi everyone, So, I have 6 batches under my belt (a couple amber ales, a couple IPAs, and a grapefruit IPA), but I've been wanting to do something a little heavier. My highest ABV was 7.5%. I've seen a few recipes here and there for black IPAs, so I thought I'd blend some of them together to...