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    aluminum false bottom

    ok i dont use aluminum pots.but the other day at home depot i found a large sheet of aluminum with thousands of tiny holes in it that would fit perfectly in my cooler mash tun.what do you guys think?
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    has anyone used s-33 in a belgian

    i was wondering ive read on alot of brew boards that ppl say its not fit for a belgian style beer but when it all comes down to it most havnt tryed it with candy sugar and what not to try and make a belgian beer. and was wondering if anyone has actualy tryed it ?
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    wtf is going on?is it stuck?

    :drunk: OK I'm doing my first beer over the 1.080 og mark and it just seems like its taking forever. it started out at 1.098 and i pitched 2 vials of wl Belgian golden strong and 1 vial of wl Abby.well needles to say fermentation started with a fermented strong for 2 weeks then dropped...
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    carbonation question?

    ok i brewed a belgian golden strong ale and it had a stuck frmentation it started at 1.090 then stuck at 1.050 pitched some fresh yeast and got it to 1.014 well i primed with 12oz of dme and in less than 24 houres its almost 1/3 carbonated i guess my questin is is this normal are thay going to blow?
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    help me brew comunity you are my only hope

    OK I'm going to make my first ag beer but i don't know what id like to know if i can make any thing good with the stuff i have on hand(most of it is stuff i bought when i go into the home brew store one item at a time so my wife wouldn't notice lol) 5 lb muntons cara pils 2 row barley malt 2...
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    is it ready to bottle

    ok this is my first mead and the fermintation slowed to a crawl so i moved it to a secondary it has cleared and its ben in there for a mounth but the air lock still bubbles from time to time.i figured when i bottle it i wont use primeing sugar to make sure i dont end up with hand...
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    can i make it? i hope i can!

    OK i use to live in Ohio but had to move to Alabama.well i now started home brewing and my first 3 batches came out splendidly.well now i have some left over ingredients and wanted to know if i could scrape them together to make a cream ale,and if you guys could make some suggestions on the...
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    anyone have a good online brewstore

    i need a reputable brew store to start ordering from. i have had some misfortune as of late ordering off of ebay.i got some chocolate malts that had some kind of bug eggs or moth cocoons in it.please help!!!
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    sanitation question?

    ok ive been useing the no rince stuff for a while now and love it but its hard to come by out hear and i hate to wait for it to come in the mail and on the other hand i hate useing bleach its to hard to wash out and so on so i was wondering is there anything else that could by say at wal-mart...
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    you guys have been a great help i know i havent been a member of this community long but i have to say its been a bigger help to me than all the books ive bought and the 2 classes ive taken in atlanta (p.s. i live in huntsville alabama)i cant wait till i git to the point at witch i can finly...
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    tubo yeast?

    i went to my home brew store and saw a huge bage of yeast called turbo yeast abd it says in it yhat it will produce 14%abv in 48 houres and 20%abv n like 60 houres has anyone used it or heard anything abought it was thinking of trying it on a batch of mead or barly wine
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    dry hoping alternative?

    hello im new to brewing beer but have been brewing wine for a good bit but my most recent batch of beer tast a little sweet and lacks the bite i wanted and i came to the conclusion that i didnt use enughf hops and i read abought dry hoping but dont want to add hop pellets to my beer and got to...