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    Source for stainless pass through shank?

    I am replacing a corroded chrome plated brass pass through on a jockey box. I need beer threads on both sides. One side will connect to a stainless coil, the pass through will pass though the side of the cooler and then I will attach a liquid line on the other side. If I got new fittings I bet I...
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    Vintage tap types.

    One more I meant to share. No worrying when the chrome will wear off and your beer taste funny. It taste like brass from day 1! At least you are not drinking chrome this way. I like the hook for the bucket on the front.
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    Vintage tap types.

    I was binge watching some old beer commercials the other day and I started paying attention to the taps. I would say 95% of them were your standard "Perlick Style" rear sealers. There was another type I saw a few times. This style showed up in a few Schlitz ads Tap Right Forward sealer...
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    Source for stainless pass through shank?

    Thanks! Where did you buy your Eva Barrier? Williams has it and Brew Hardware shows the 5mm in 13 foot lengths and the 4 mm in 5.5 foot lengths. My plan is to buy a roll of the 5mm and the 6.5mm. I wish I could find one seller who had everything so I only had to pay S&H once but it doesn't look...
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    Knickerbocker Keg

    Here is an ad for it: Hamm's Now in the Tapper! Here is an ad for Ballentine's system New 1 gallon Ballentine kegs Notice neither one has a CO2 hook up. They didn't catch on. I don't know about refilling them.
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    Source for stainless pass through shank?

    See this? I need one in stainless. I am not having any luck finding one. This brings up my next question , could I take one of these, chop off the faucet end and use it? Stainless beer shank Thanks
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    Updates on Charlie Talley

    Charlie Talley for those of you who don't know, is the inventor of Star San, PBW and many other handy cleaning and sanitation products for home and professional brewers. You may not have heard but he left Five Star Chemicals, makers of Star San, PBW and other handy compounds. He now works in the...
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    Wort/Beer line cleaners?? What would you recommend?

    Do you just use an air compressor? Any concerns or getting oil in the keg or do you use one of those oil free air compressors?
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    How to tell difference between stainless and chrome Perlick forward sealing faucets in a photo?

    I assume chrome plated brass is non magnetic as well. I know bullet brass is nonmagnetic, otherwise range clean up would be MUCH easier. Thanks for the suggestions! I wasn't sure there were any markings on the outside other than "P".
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    How to tell difference between stainless and chrome Perlick forward sealing faucets in a photo?

    Is there a way to tell the difference between chrome plated and stainless steel Perlick forward sealing faucets in a photo? Are they marked stainless? Is there a model number on the out side? They are attached to a tower so I can't see in them. I doubt the seller has a faucet wrench so I don't...
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    Used corny that had pesticides?

    Can you find out what pesticides? Some are pretty benign while others are every dangerous. Like it or not tanker trucks and railroad cars will carry pesticides one day and apple juice the next so this sort of thing isn't unheard of.
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    Looking For Insight/Direction for Getting Into Cleaning Draft Lines

    I was getting ready to post a link to that. I found it and have spent about an hour going through it, good stuff. I thought I had better check and see if it had already been posted. I should have known Day Tripper would have beat me to it by a few years. I didn't find it here but I am glad I...
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    Quat Questions

    Quat based cleaners are plentiful, particularly in professional kitchens. Homebrewers are told to avoid them becase they will make your beer taste like cardboard and have no head. I was doing some research on how to get glasses "beer clean" and found the SDS for Last Call Beer Glass Sanitizer...
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    BierMunchers Rolling Kegerator (BYO Published)

    I know this thread has been dead a while but does anyone have a source for the all in one kit that gives you a paintball tank, some hoses and a regulator? It is like for 6 months 10 years or so ago they were everywhere and now they don't exist. That usually implies that somthing didn't work but...
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    Tips on EVABarrier hose sizing?

    Yet another question. One of the jockey boxes has 3/16" I.D. hose going to the taps. That comes to 4.76 mm. My 2 choices are 4.5 and 5mm, Is it better to be too big or too loose with this stuff. Likewise the other lines (and presumably fittings) are 5/16", the biggest EVA Barrier comes to...
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    Tips on EVABarrier hose sizing?

    Guess I will have to get out the calipers and see what ID they are. One has a bunch of stainless coil. I can't help but believe that will slow the liquid down some. The other one, the 2 tap has a cold plate. The lines coming from the cold plate looked pretty small, I am thinking they are 4x8 mm...
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    Tips on EVABarrier hose sizing?

    One more question is EVA Barrier that much different than this stuff? Sioux Chief 3/8" OD x 1/4" ID x 25' Polyethylene Tubing Never mind the size it comes in many different sizes. It claims to be FDA rated food safe. Any thoughts?
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    Tips on EVABarrier hose sizing?

    Looks like William's has it back in stock so I can order (hopefully) the last thing I need to set up a keg and refurbish my jockey boxes. For my keg set up I will be going from a 2.5 gallon Corny to a disconnect-to an adapter - to a 690SS Flow Control Perlick faucet. The faucet will be inside...
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    Kegland Flow Control Keg Ball Locks?

    Has anyone tried these? US Standard Faucet Flow Control Valve No idea what they are made off, probably chrome plated Chineseium. It would give you flow control with whatever faucet you want and the ability to use a return spring and still have flow control. BTW anyone know if you can use return...
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    Please help fix my cider

    Sorry for hijacking your post but I'm having similar problems.