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    Still plagued by "THT"... "The Homebrew Taste"

    I'm still trying to figure out where my beers are going wrong... I've been all over the place, and it seems to follow me. I started off as an extract + steeping grains brewer, went to all grain after my 2nd batch, went back to extract, and now I'm a partial mash brewer. The one thing that has...
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    Too late for a gingerbread beer recipe?

    I'd like to have one ready by Thanksgiving time... I heard these are very sweet beers and need a long time to age out. Anyone have a partial mash recipe they'd be willing to share?
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    Wort chiller - garden hose vs vinyl tubing/hose clamps for kitchen brewing.

    I am a partial masher who wants to stop using ice baths. Would vinyl tubing + faucet adapters be OK for kitchen brewing? Otherwise I"ll have to go with the garden hose adapters and buy some garden hoses. Anybody have any negative experience with the hoses? Thanks
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    3/8" vs 1/2" hose barb adapter for Mash tun ball valve?

    Is there any material difference between these two sizes? Is there a benefit to having a slower/faster flow from the mash tun?
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    Igloo industrial cooler vs Rubbermaid, 2 gallon vs 3 gallon, partial mash tun

    Downsizing my brewing equipment since I'm moving into a smaller place soon. I will now be a partial mash brewer. I've been in analysis paralysis regarding my choices for a tun. The Igloo Industrial ones (the yellow and red) look pretty heavy duty. The standard Rubbermaid ones don't look...
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    OOPS! Wort chilled down too much after pitching. Slow start...

    Brewed a pale ale on Saturday and I had some issues. It was my first partial boil in a very long time, so I was a bit rusty on the process. I did an ice bath but I ran out of ice before the wort got to a pitchable temperature. I put the wort in my keezer and the temp was still at 110...
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    Any way I can have a wheat beer done by the week of the 26th?

    Thinking about doing a quick extract batch on Monday, hoping to have something ready/almost ready shortly after Christmas time. I was thinking about doing a Honey Wheat beer, or something similar. Would it be possible to ferment this beer for 7-8 days in the fermenter, and then bottle...
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    Ferulic acid rest necessary for a hefeweizen?

    Brewing a hefeweizen in a few days with WLP380 (Hefeweizen IV). I have read numerous posts about how a ferulic acid rest will help bring out the spicy/clovey taste that I am shooting for with this batch. My question is, is it necessary? I really don't want to do step mashing unless the...
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    Out of appreciation for Dan at, I wanted to share this story with everybody. A few months back, I was getting ready to brew my very first lager and I was preparing a 2 liter starter, which is the largest starter I have made so far. I was heartbroken to find out that my DIY...
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    How thin of a mash can I use when brewing a hefeweizen?

    I've been reading lots of threads about how brewing with thinner mashes tends to increase efficiency and the quality of the beer, and I'm ready to hop on board with the idea. It makes sense to me that the wort quality will be higher if the majority of it came from the first runnings...
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    Hefeweizen starter question

    I plan on brewing Sunday. I will create my starter Thursday morning, let it ferment 24 hours on a stir plate, and then put it in the fridge until Sunday morning and then decant. Is this enough time? I've had bad luck decanting in the past, when yeast doesn't settle out of suspension in time...
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    Hefeweizen IV (WLP380) questions...

    Going to give this yeast a shot for the first time, and was wondering what temperature is best? I understand that this yeast is more clove focused than the typical banana bombs (WLP300 and Wyeast 3068). I always go with 3068 but the LHBS only had very old packets and I didn't trust the...
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    EZ Water Adjustment spreadsheet question

    I plan on doing a hefeweizen this week and I'm going to do a mashout so that I can do my sparge in one step instead of doing a double batch sparge. I have reason to believe my mash pH is dropping too low when I get around to the second sparge. That, and my efficiency is pretty high right now...
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    Gonna try building my own water profile with distilled... how does this look?

    Going to brew a bavarian hefeweizen this week, but I wanted to make sure my water profile looked good for the style. I just moved into a new area and I haven't had a chance to get my water tested yet, so I wanted to get some distilled water and build my own profile. I already have all the...
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    Do I have to add yeast when bottling a lager?

    Fermented 3 weeks, planning to lager 3-4 weeks at 33 degrees. I am wondering if it is possible to lager 2 weeks and then bottle condition an extra week or so. If I do this, will I have to add yeast to the bottling bucket? If so, how much should I add?
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    Should I ferment my schwarzbier for 2 or 3 weeks before lagering?

    I broke my hydrometer so I don't know exactly what my OG was, but it should be around 1.050 with my recipe and usual efficiency. It's been almost 2 weeks since pitching the yeast, and fermentation looks to be about over. I get maybe one bubble every couple of minutes. It should be completely...
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    Worried about my Schwarzbier... I pitched the whole starter.

    My first lager is a Schwarzbier recipe from Brewing Classic Styles. I went for the more Pilsner'ish one. Anyway, the yeast in my 1.4 liter starter simply wouldn't come out of suspension, even after about 12 hours in the fridge and a couple hours in the freezer. I still had a lot of yeast in...
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    Water profile for a Schwarzbier?

    Brewing Jamil's Schwarzbier soon and I am unsure about what water profile to use. I am using TH's spreadsheet, which has been invaluable in the past, but I don't know what to do here. I basically use RO water and add salts until I get the correct profile. I am using the recipe in Brewing...