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  1. FSBrewer

    First time kegging -- need instant gratification

    I just racked my IPA to my first ever keg. It's probably at around 75 degrees I would guess. I didn't add priming sugar, just want to artificially carbonate this time. I initially put 15 psi on it. Is there any way to get *just some* carbonation within a few hours? Beer time is in about 6...
  2. FSBrewer

    Bottle Conditioning Temperature -- 70 or 80?

    I just bottled a Brewer's Best Kölsch kit last night (bought this one at a local HB supply store while waiting impatiently for my AHS kits to arrive!). I fermented it in the basement which is in the 70-74 degree range. I'm wondering if I should keep the bottles down there for conditioning at...
  3. FSBrewer

    first time using secondary

    Here I am eight years and 20 batches later, still posting in the beginner's forum! :) I only have one 6.5 gal carboy and wanted to start a second batch one week after the previous, so I figured I'd free up my 6.5 gal by racking that first batch to secondary (in my 5 gal carboy), which I have...
  4. FSBrewer

    Try my cure calculator app!

    Been making bacon and small hams for a few years now. Needed something to go with my beer. :) I made this app for iPhone and iPad for my own use when mixing my cure. I started with dry cure, which is what I mostly do, but plan to add brine curing in there soon when I have a little time...
  5. FSBrewer

    1/2 batch all grain brewing (Mr. Beer?)

    Guys, There used to be a posting on here a couple of years ago (wait, what year is it? Maybe 3 years ago) about how to do an all grain 1/2 batch of beer. It utilized a picnic-type of insulated lemonade dispenser type of thing, and I thought it also used the little Mr. Beer fermenter. I...
  6. FSBrewer

    1/2 batch all grain brewing (Mr. Beer?)

    Guys, There used to be a posting on here a couple of years ago (wait, what year is it? Maybe 3 years ago) about how to do an all grain 1/2 batch of beer. It utilized a picnic-type of insulated lemonade dispenser type of thing, and I thought it also used the little Mr. Beer fermenter. I...
  7. FSBrewer

    specific gravity after bottling

    I took readings before and after on my last brew. Before bottling it tasted very dry, which was great. After adding the priming sugar, bottling, and letting it stay in the bottle for over 3 months, the final product still tastes too sweet, as though all the priming sugar was not utilized...
  8. FSBrewer

    ideal ale fermentation temp?

    I'm a little rusty. Last night I pitched my Munton's gold yeast into a 1.073 gravity ale wort. I cranked the AC in the little storage room I'm using and it got down to about 58F. Is that too cold? I seem to remember "the colder the better" to some extent. What is the ideal temp for an ale...
  9. FSBrewer

    Muntons yeast OK?

    Last night I made the English Honey Bitter extract kit from AHS. It came with Muntons yeast. I can't remember exactly which one, I've thrown the package out already, but I think it was "gold" or something that made it sound "special." Before pitching I hesitated, because I thought I might...
  10. FSBrewer

    seeking advice on how to add DME

    I'm about to do my first all DME brew tomorrow (having used LME previously), and I've heard some warnings about trying to put this powder into a boiling pot of water and that this might be problematic. I'm wondering what suggestions people have. Can it be easily mixed with cold water first...
  11. FSBrewer

    switching from LME to DME

    Due to the new shipping limitations, I can no longer mail order LME at my location, so I'm thinking about brewing with dried malt extract. I'd like to hear from someone who has actually done this. - What if any differences do you notice in the end product? - What is the ratio to use...
  12. FSBrewer

    re-newb-ed: extract boiling time?

    Sorry to still be such a newbie. It's been a while since my last batch and I feel as though I've regressed from complete newb to utter newb. Anyhow, I seem to have forgotten the significance of the length of time you boil unhopped extract before adding the hops. Basically, I only have dark...
  13. FSBrewer

    something happened to Becks

    Becks used to be my favorite beer. I've been living in Vietnam for almost 2 years and haven't had access to it. On a recent trip to Singapore I bought a few bottles. It took me a while to realize it no longer has that nice aroma and flavor. It's basically been changes into a generic...
  14. FSBrewer

    my beer tastes sweet after bottling

    I made an AHS Becks Extract, lagered it in the beer fridge for 2 months. As I recall it tasted OK then. Then I used 1.25 cups of light DME as my priming sugar when bottling it. That was also 2 months ago. Unfortunately the beer still tastes of DME. I guess the yeast did not fully consume...
  15. FSBrewer

    serious post: did I ruin my Apfelwein?

    I put together a batch of this about 2 months ago. I brought it upstairs to bottle about a week ago. It was crystal clear in the carboy. As my bottles were soaking I rinsed off (but didn't sanitize) a bottling hose and siphoned off (the old fashioned way) a pint. It was so good that I...
  16. FSBrewer

    could drinking the yeast sediment cause a hangover?

    I've seen threads talking about drinking the yeast sediment causing gas (never happens to me), but I'm starting to wonder if it could on some occasions cause a headache. I have a German-style dark. I've only had a limited number of bottles of it so far (I'm trying to save it), but a couple...
  17. FSBrewer

    can you carbonate a keg with yeast?

    This post leads me to wonder: is it possible to naturally carbonate the beer in a keg by priming just as you do when bottling? I've never kegged and know nothing about it, but it's the artificial carbonation that's kept me disinterested. Now I suddenly wonder if natural carbonation is an option.
  18. FSBrewer

    my fermentation now begins right away

    I had had a problem with not reaching the published FG of my brews, or it taking forever to get there. It was suggested in these forums that I am not getting enough oxidation in my wort at the beginning. Since then I have changed my method. Now when I put the cold water in the carboy (before...
  19. FSBrewer

    Does wort really put out that much heat?

    Previously when I tested the temp of my new lagering fridge it was at 48 deg F at the warmest setting. I put my first lager in there last night and now, almost 24 hours later, the temp is at 55 deg F. Is that all due to the heat generated by the yeast?? I turned the temp controller down a bit...
  20. FSBrewer

    Should I brew this very old LME?

    I found this can of LME in my father's things after he passed away last year. I'm pretty sure he hadn't brewed for around 30 years so this is probably pretty old. Should I try brewing it? Anyone recognize it?