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  1. HerrHepcat

    Question for this batch!!!

    Here's my batchly question, or in other words, how I fear I may have fouled up this batch. Working from a 5 gallon recipe, for reasons I don't want to explain, I used way too much water. I should have used 6.5, I used 7.5. I've got about 6 gallons in the fermenter instead of the 5 I...
  2. HerrHepcat

    Nervous New Brewer - Chlorine in water

    I have two batches going from city tap water (4ppm Chlorine) and never used any campden tablets. I think the tap water tastes fine here. (Natomas area of Sacramento.) I certainly will use campden tablets in the future. I did not let water sit for any time, but I did do full boils. Did...
  3. HerrHepcat

    Cork pop-up time-frame?

    My very first batch of homebrew was a pumpkin ale that I bottled in Belgian 750s with corks last friday. I followed the directions on Midwest Supplies kit to the 'T'. (Primed with corn sugar boiled and cooled, etc.) The very first bottle I forgot to adjust the corker and pushed the cork all...