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  1. B'sPointPlacePorter

    Has anyone ever made a Saison?

    I brewed one on Jan 24 and just racked it to my secondary. Not too sure if I need the secondary, outside of the fact I do not have my bottles ready yet. Here's the recipe: 6.6 lbs light malt extract syrup 0.5 lbs dme 2.0 lbs light candy sugar 1.0 oz powdered ginger root 1.0 oz bitter...
  2. B'sPointPlacePorter

    help. I just broke my only air lock.

    I am about 30 min into my boil and I broke my only air lock. Getting a new one is not possible and the only person I know to borrow from is not home. Any ideas on how to make one? I use the standard bucket for a primary.
  3. B'sPointPlacePorter

    Not a fan of LME

    If a recipe calls for 3.3 lbs of LME, how much DME would you use in place of it?
  4. B'sPointPlacePorter

    Bad Bottles?

    Forgive me if this topic has been done to death, but I did not have any luck when I searched the subject. I seem to be having carbonation issues with my last two batches of brew, a red ale and a stout. With the red I have some that are very carbonated and some that are not at all. I am...
  5. B'sPointPlacePorter

    The Smell Is Torture!

    I just racked my Blue Moon-ish clone into my secondary and it smells fantastic. I am going to have a very hard time waiting for this one. This is the first brew I have made without a kit. I got a lot of help and ideas from the forum. Thanks! I really need to start writing down my recipes...
  6. B'sPointPlacePorter

    Vanilla Porter

    I had a vanilla porter at Old Chicago a while back. It from a company in Michigan, but I cannot remember the name. I fell in love with it. Does any one have or made a recipe for a vanilla porter using extracts? Cheers
  7. B'sPointPlacePorter

    Great Reviews

    Last night I took my Brewers Best Red Ale to my nieces 6th b-day party. I know, what I am doing taking beer to a children's party. We adults gotta have something to do, right? Everyone who took part loved it. The best response was from a friend of ours from Germany who is very skeptical of...
  8. B'sPointPlacePorter


    I am currently relaxing on my couch enjoying my Red Ale. I just cracked the first on open and it looks great, smells fantastic and tastes even better. Is there anything better than fruits of your own labor? This weekend I am going to bottle a stout that I have had in my secondary for about 2...