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  1. WillPall

    Newbies and Clubs

    Great advice, unless you live somewhere that is completely devoid of brew clubs :D Hrm. Now that I think about it... Maybe I should start my own. Thanks for the advice!
  2. WillPall

    Music was better Then

    This. Granted, I live in a college town, with a bunch of college kids all trying to be as "unique" as possible by listening to bands no one has ever heard of. That said, there is more music out there now than I could possibly try to listen to. Browse Pitchfork's "Best New Music" list (but don't...
  3. WillPall

    Splitting up a batch for Ghost Chile Pepper Beer

    The heat probably would kill any bugs, but soaking in vodka is not a bad idea. Just in case.
  4. WillPall

    Rough Copper Tubing

    Thanks a lot for the input. I don't think it's verdigris. Those photos are kind of bad. It looks brown on the copper, more like it got scuffed or something. StarSan will be the first place this is going once I shape it into a chiller.
  5. WillPall

    Rough Copper Tubing

    Bought some copper tubing online recently and when I received it I noticed this: Is this going to be okay? How can I re-shinify it?
  6. WillPall

    Pennybacker Brewing Company Logo First Attempt

    Got a better image host? I'm getting asked to log in to
  7. WillPall

    crtl+v thread

    pointer being freed was not allocated
  8. WillPall

    Really Dirty Equipment...

    And then use some oxiclean on it. :D Sorry, we can't have a cleaning thread that doesn't plug oxiclean.
  9. WillPall

    SPILLED yeast! DOh

    Cloudiness is to be expected in a recipe like that, and the "strong" smell is probably because it's young and green. As for the scum, it's possible that it is some yeast floaters. If I were you, I would try one every so often and make sure nothing nasty is going on in those bottles. If you...
  10. WillPall

    Pickle Bucket

    It would be worth keeping if you can get rid of most of the smell. Try out the oxiclean soak or maybe some baking soda and hot water and see if the smell goes away. A somewhat smelly sanitizing bucket doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but if it smells so bad that your garage smells like a...
  11. WillPall

    Plug stuck halfway in carboy... HELP

    To me it looks like you have plenty of head space and that the main amount of krausen has already formed. How long has this been fermenting? If it's been a little while, I doubt you'll have a blowoff at all. Also, the bung is not more prone to getting clogged because it is pushed further into...
  12. WillPall

    Too much residual sweetness

    Yeah, I'm not seeing it either. I hate to ask, but how many different times have you tasted the beer? Is it at all possible that your buds were accustomed to something bitter you consumed previous to trying your home brew? Not trying to call your senses into question. I just don't see anything...
  13. WillPall

    Plug stuck halfway in carboy... HELP

    jiggs was saying that the bottom of the bung might get clogged. Changing your airlock (I assume you mean removing the blow-off tube) is not going to fix that problem. You definitely need to leave the blow-off tube on there, but you also need to get the water glass a bit lower if at all possible...
  14. WillPall

    My SWMBO...

    Uh, this is obviously a meat-and-potatoes dinner. Veggies are not on the menu.
  15. WillPall

    Plug stuck halfway in carboy... HELP

    I might be a little worried about the water coming back through once fermentation is complete. A temperature change in your carboy might change the pressure enough to cause some suckback. Although, I think that is very unlikely. As for the bung, from looking at the picture it seems to still be...
  16. WillPall

    What are your top 3 equipment recommendations?

    1) Autosiphon - I siphoned about two batches without one. They were hell. 2) Vinator - Bottle sanitizing is super easy once you get one of those. 3) Homebrew - Drinking homebrew while making homebrew is the only way to fly.
  17. WillPall

    MLIA Label Repository

    I'll take those bonus points right after my doctor gets done with this SPINAL TAP!!! :rockin: Seriously, awesome labels! Very creative design and if you don't do the artwork yourself, you are very good at finding it and making it work with the label.
  18. WillPall

    What am I doing wrong, no holds barred!

    You could definitely benefit with a chiller, but I doubt that your cooling time is the reason it tastes like sulfur. Sulfur and an astringent or puckering quality is usually an indicator of a bacterial infection. Let's see here... I agree with Ace_Club about the StarSan. Easy Clean says it's...
  19. WillPall

    Why do we put the airlock on the top?

    Yeah, no problems with placing the airlock on the side as long as you get it turned back upright. The only thing I'd be wary about is making sure the top of your pail doesn't get deformed by the 5 gallons of brew sitting on top of it.