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  1. Iowa Home Brewer

    Any reason I can't?

    Any reason I can't use a 10 gallon round cooler/tun to control mash temperature? I would first heat the strike water. Then pump the water in to the tun (taking into account for heat loss through pump, hoses, and loss in heating the tun). Also I'm not lifting the kettle. Bad back. Mash, then pump...
  2. Iowa Home Brewer

    Need help with water profile

    Hi all, I'm moving into all grain and one thing that is really concerning me is water profiles and salt additions. I am going to start with a grain bill for a sweet stout. 1 lb choc malt 7 lb Pale 2 row 1 lb carm/crystal 40L 8 oz wheat 8 oz roasted barley 4 oz maltodextrine 1 lb lactose 1 oz...