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    PRV keg compatibility

    I'm looking at buying a 5 gallon corny keg to ferement in - I'm coming from the Picobrew world where we fermented in 1.75 (AEB?) corny kegs. I own some 4psi PRV valves from that setup, and would like to use them for spunding. Would they be compatible with other brands of kegs? I'm looking at...
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    Ferment in a keg PRV option

    Is there an adapter out there to attach a hose to the PRV hole on a ball lock keg to act as a blow off tube for fermenting? google is failing me...
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    Paintball tank unthreading in fridge

    I have a paintball tank attached to a mini regulator and the original plan was to put it in the fridge with the keg to force carb and serve. Twice now I've (almost) emptied the tank because of a leak where the tank screws into the regulator. The first time it totally emptied, and I was...
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    PicoPac in Canada

    I just received a PicoPro as an upgrade from a Mr Beer system, and given limited space and young children, it seems to be a good next step in home brewing for me. My question is if anyone knows of a Canadian distributor for the PicoPaks? After shipping and customs charges from the US, I'm...
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    Advice on how to move on from Mr Beer

    So I've done a few batches on my Mr Beer kit, and I'm deciding that this hombrew thing is something I'd like to stick with - but am looking for a better quality refill that works at a 2 - 2 1/2 gallon size for the LBK fermenter. I'm holding off on purchasing any additional equipment like...
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    Festa Brew partial batch

    Is it possible to reseal the bag that Festa Brew comes in? I'm thinking of using it in my LBK instead of another Mr Beer refill kit. Right now the 2 gal size is working well for me. I'd look at starting a 2 gal batch, and once bottled, starting another. Also, if I'm able to reseal a festa...