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  1. TheInnKeeper

    Beer going flat on Gas\Nitro

    Recently started using Beergas(I don't know the ratio) for pushing my kegs(instead of c02), I can get really really nice pours with ZERO line length but @ 15psi it seems like my beer is going flat pretty quickly :-( This is new to me, am I doing something wrong, any tips?
  2. TheInnKeeper

    c02 quick disconnects?

    My fermzilla is in a different part of the house from my kegerator. Id like to be able to easily move my cO2 tank so I can use it for forced transfers from my fermzilla. What are my options for reliable durable cO2 quick disconnects that don’t leak air? Thanks
  3. TheInnKeeper

    Firmzilla, non-pressure transfer?

    Whats the best way to do a normal transfer from the bottom of the Firmzilla, ideally something large enough to let the spent yeast drain and settled dry hops off too? I'm used to my catalyst than has the special conical fitting for transferring to keg from the bottom I ask because my...
  4. TheInnKeeper

    Adding a Steelhead 2.0 pump to my Brewzilla 65L?

    To start I'm very new to brewing and especially electric brewing, just did my first brew on my BrewZilla 65L, its amazing.....feels like I'm cheating its just sooooo easy moving from an old school beginner plastic 5 gallon store brew kit. Anyways I have this compact steelhead 2.0 magnetic pump...
  5. TheInnKeeper

    Steel brew stand 40$

    I’m new here so sorry if I’m late to the party on this one Got my BrewZilla 65L and have been looking at all these expensive brew tables/carts and none of them were really a perfect fit for me. Enter Home Depot’s 40$ hot water tank stand with a 450lbs capacity...
  6. TheInnKeeper

    Drilling through fridge

    Edit.....there’s a 100 people asking similar questions I’ll try to read through those, goodness grief maybe I’ll go through the door :-( I got this beloved “compact” fridge from my neighbor for free. It fits two 5 gallon Torpedo kegs and two 2.5 gallon torpedo kegs like it was made for...
  7. TheInnKeeper

    6 weeks for an extract brew?!?!?!?!

    Just got three extract brew kids from Northern Brewer until my all grain equipment arrives next month. All three are Pale Ales or IPA's and ALL of them say 6 weeks from brew to drink.........I figure most of my ales will be ready to keg in 2 or 3 weeks at most?!?!?!?!? Am I way off base here...
  8. TheInnKeeper

    Beer taps without the tower?

    I have my Intertap flow control tap attached directly to my keg, it works "fine" but I want to add 3-4' of keg line to help reduce foaming.......which leads me to my below question, where\how do I then mount the tap itself? Hence I'm Looking for a way to "clamp" my tap directly to the top of...
  9. TheInnKeeper

    Line free kegs?

    So I have the perfect mini fridge to hold 4 of these 2.5 gal torpedo kegs. This tap configuration will allow me to have 2-3 cold kegs tapped and pressurized with one on reserve! Right now I have a single intertap flow control with a nukatap preordered. I see factory 1.5 gallon keg “party bombs”...
  10. TheInnKeeper

    Utah SLC here, just pulled the trigger on Fermzilla 13.2gal and BrewZilla 65L

    Hey there Utah\Salt Lake brew crew, this is only our 4th winter living in Utah(came from Minnesota) full time so we don't know a lot of people and even less home brewers. We live about half way up big cottonwood canyon(South of SLC where Brighton\Solitude ski resorts are at) and just finally am...
  11. TheInnKeeper

    Easy to use, turnkey, compact, semi-automated 10 gallon batch electric all grain brewing system?

    New to the forum today, thanks in advance(waiting for my supporter badge) Looking to buy an super easy to use, rolling, vertically stored & operated, semi-automated 10 gallon batch electric all grain brewing system that can ideally be upgraded\modified over time. Right now I'm leaning heavily...