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  1. cdwiggi

    Kitchen hutch and kegerator

    Hello All, I am wanting to build some thing for both my wife and I that will be a useful piece of furniture and a functional kegerator. We live in a small home but that has not kept us from brewing for almost 7 years. I am wanting to build a kitchen hutch of sorts that can hold our...
  2. cdwiggi

    Breweries to visit in Cleveland, Buffalo and Toronto

    Good Morning all the wife and I are going to be visiting Cleveland, Buffalo and Toronto over the week of Thanks giving. WE are wondering what to see and what breweries are great to visit in the areas. Thank in advance cd
  3. cdwiggi

    Michigan & Wisconsin Travel

    Michigan & Wisconsin Travel I don't know if I have this in the correct location but here it goes. The wife and I are going to be in Michigan and Wisconsin on a road trip for about a week and a half. We are going to go to New Glarus, WI for spotted cow, Milwaukee for Milwaukee, Mackinac...
  4. cdwiggi

    12 oz and 24 oz bottles

    Hello All, I am wanting to buy bottles for the next year worth of brewing... I am thinking that there has to be a better place to get them than LHBS at $15.99 and Northern Brewer/Midwest Supply for $11.99 and $15 to $16 shipping? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks cd :rockin:
  5. cdwiggi

    Stir plate help

    Hello all, I built my stir plate out of magnets from Home Depot and have a 12v 2 amp DC computer fan turning it. The problem is though every time I place the stir bar or anything mettle on it is throws it off? The stir bar is a square type like these. What I was wondering is why does it...
  6. cdwiggi

    Immersion Brewing School

    Hello all, The wife and I are wanting to begin a more formal education in brewing but as full time jobs go we are not able to attend the many multi-month/year schools that are out there. As such I have been told of the one week immersion brewing school with Colorado Boy pub and brewing found...
  7. cdwiggi

    Bulk purchase Coreny Keg

    Hello all I am wanting to make a bulk purchase of Corny kegs some where in the range of 100 to 150 of these... Does anyone know of some one in Missouri or the Midwest that would sell that many at a much discounted rate? I would be willing to come and get them... Thanks CD
  8. cdwiggi

    Din Rail brackets

    Hello all, I am rapping up my electric build and needing some din rail brackets for some of the components that don't have din rail mounts any suggestions. Of course it would be nice if they are reasonable in price ( $10.00 <) and able to adapt to multiple bolting configurations but I know...
  9. cdwiggi

    Extra Electrical Din mountable(Breakers, push button, and lightup switches)

    Hello All, I am building my electric brewery and I have over ordered on three items at this time. I am looking to get rid of these items because I just don't need them because SWMBO didn't like the purchase in the first place. Shipping will be paid my buyer and I would prefer Paypal but...
  10. cdwiggi


    Hello all I have been looking at the following threads and have not been able to get a response to this question.... I have been told that I need this Auber 2 pole 120 volt coil 30 A contactor and I would like to use a Din Rail moutable version like so Dayton 2 pole 120 volt coil 30 A...
  11. cdwiggi

    BCS 460, Rims, E build....

    Hello All, I am in the middle of planning a a electric brew rig with a Rims attachment and a brain made up of the BCS-460. I have been looking at all the build threads on the subject and have lost an important thread concerning the wiring of the following: 1- BCS-460 2- 4500 watt 240...
  12. cdwiggi

    What to brew October through January

    Hello all my wife and I are about to make a pilgrimage to NB Minneapolis and I am going to stock up on grain for the next few month. Knowing this I am wondering what I should be brewing in the coming months for both winter beers and for early spring beers? Would appreciate every ones help...