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  1. rideincircles

    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    I skipped out on brewing this beer this year, but plan to for next year for certain. My main changes were to use all motueka and use trader joe's limeade over simply limeade. It has way more lime flavor which is the goal I am after with this beer.
  2. rideincircles

    Clone Beer Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone

    It is time to brew this again. I will be brewing using some different yeast than S-04. My last version was sweet, but the chipotle candi syrup helped balanced it out. I still would rather have it drier though and may not go as hard on the abv as last time. I always add extra base grain to boost...
  3. rideincircles

    Belgian Dark Strong Ale Westvleteren 12 Clone - Multiple Award Winner

    I saw some comments above on ordering westvelteren. You can always check hop cask and barrel for what they have in stock in the DC area. Its always been one of my favorite USA beer shops and one of the few places that has had cantillon and westvleteren in stock...
  4. rideincircles

    Removing Oxiclean white residue from glass??

    Just bumping this and will report back on the oxiclean scale on my carboy later after trying vinegar. I was going to brew a mead tonight, but will wait another day after it soaks. I haven't had luck with starsan dissolving the scale, and starsan can leave it s own film on bottles if left for...
  5. rideincircles

    My shamelessly cheap $12 DIY stir plate

    Mine is now 7 years old and still functional whenever I need it. I should upgrade the box its in at some point. I guess I will add that to my brewing to do list, I have had the box sitting around for years ready for it.
  6. rideincircles

    What are your PBW best practices?

    I have been using pbw or oxiclean for all of my beer cleaning. I always use hot water with it, but there have been times where I left it for a few days and I got a film left on the glass along with some specks stuck at the bottom which I read is calcium carbonate precipitating out. What is the...
  7. rideincircles

    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    I am still drinking mine and its my go to summer beer. My main recommendation if you like lime flavor is to switch from simply limeade to Trader Joe's limeade. It is just much better lime flavored overall. I have also moved over to more motueka and less sorachi ace. On another note I came...
  8. rideincircles

    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    Just brewed this one again. I have kept tweaking the crap out of it over the years. Its not very close to the original anymore. More like a lime india pale hefeweizen Brewed 10 gallons. 14 lbs 2 row, 6 lbs white wheat, 4 lbs vienna , mash at 154 5.3g gypsum 7g cacl charcoal filtered water Wyeast...
  9. rideincircles

    Clone Beer Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone

    Noted. Will see if I have any in my fridge when I get home. Normally I would use BE-256, but it also has a 11% tolerance also. I have not used wine yeast in a beer yet, but listened to Grant Wood do a homebrew club speech on brewing high gravity beers. He runs revolver brewing which makes blood...
  10. rideincircles

    Clone Beer Founder's Breakfast Stout Clone

    I upped my grain on this recipe a tad and managed to get to 1.120 for my starting gravity for 5.25 gallons. I pitched 3 packs of S-04 with oxygen and plan on adding oxygen a couple times during primary. Is the S-04 gonna crap out completely? If so, what would be my best option to take it down...
  11. rideincircles

    Safale S-04 (Once Again)

    I just brewed a Founders breakfast stout clone, but hit 1.120 on my starting gravity for just over 5 gallons and pitched 3 packets of s-04. Will S-04 be enough to get this fermented?, or will I need to add another yeast. What would be good if I do? Can S-04 exceed the 11% alcohol tolerance, or...
  12. rideincircles

    Brewing a Michelada

    I am using some Tajin in one of my beers for a contest at Rahr. Has anyone figured out a good ratio of grams per gallon for Tajin? I am leaning towards more than 2 grams per gallon, but am still deciding. About to keg my beer, but debating if I should add more.
  13. rideincircles

    Saison Boulevard Smokestack Series Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale Clone

    I ended up brewing a variation of this recipe over the weekend. I am limited on 10 gallons for mash volume and brewed 10 gallons with this recipe. 25.5 lbs of grain is pretty much max capacity. Was thinking about adding corn sugar, but forgot about it. 1.065 OG 19 lbs breiss 2-row 74% 5.5...
  14. rideincircles

    New England IPA Julius clone (BYO magazine)

    I got my grain bill for this one today. I will be doing a 10 gallon batch Saturday and am using Omega Conan. I will debate changing up the hops somewhat, but may leave them as is other than using apollo for bittering. I was thinking maybe a little mandarina to see how that affects it, but I...
  15. rideincircles

    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    Just confirming that my recent version of this mentioned above is totally amazing. After 6 years of brewing its probably my favorite IPA I've done. I entered it in bluebonnet this year and will find out in a month or so how it fared. I think it can hang with any double IPA you can throw it up...
  16. rideincircles

    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    I made my 2nd batch of this over the weekend, but had a few modifications based on my hop supply. I used the first page grain bill, but used apollo at 75 and 45, with some other hops at 15 minutes also. Not 100% to the recipe, but since my last recipe with hopshot did not achieve the bitterness...
  17. rideincircles

    Fizzy (carbonated) Fruit

    Found my answer. Will consider making this later.
  18. rideincircles

    Fizzy (carbonated) Fruit

    I plan on doing this more often, but am wondering what are easier ways to carbonate it and hold pressure than kegs. I probably opened and purged my keg at least 4-5 times and watered a bunch of co2 for this. Some fruit got crushed at the bottom. I may get a smaller keg, but what other options...
  19. rideincircles

    Fizzy (carbonated) Fruit

    Just threw in my fruit. Should have about 15 hours at 30 psi. Can't wait.
  20. rideincircles

    Fizzy (carbonated) Fruit

    I plan to do this at my party next weekend. I heard its an amazing party treat that blows peoples minds. I am not certain on what carbonation level yet, but plan to chop up fruit then throw it all in the keg the day before and open it up sometime during the party after my sous vide smoked...