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  1. 3PegBrew

    Edmund Fitzgerald? So many recipes

    hey guys - I'm looking for a recipe that will get me as close as possible to the real thing. I've searched all of the recipes on here and the only one that comes close is this Has anyone used this recipe or brewed their own...
  2. 3PegBrew

    Honeywell VR8200A2132 + Auberins2362 Help Needed

    Hey everyone - I purchased the Honeywell VR8200A2132 and Auberins 2362 PID units for my rig. Just a heads up, I am not an electrical engineer or tech savvy with wiring. Everything I have done with my rig, as far as wiring has been based off of other people's rigs and input. The wiring...
  3. 3PegBrew

    When I Can't Brew I...

    Decided to renovate the master bathroom. The moron who lived here before us had carpet installed in the bathroom. What an idiot. After living in the house now for8 months, I impulsively ripped up the carpet and padding. My wife has been complaining about her allergies since we moved in...
  4. 3PegBrew

    Zombie Invasion

    Zombie virus breakout was just declared over the news. It started in DC, spread up to the New England area, and is making its way westward. If you live in the infected area what do you do? If you live west of the infection what would you do? It's dog eat dog. Anything goes.
  5. 3PegBrew

    5 Minutes of Heaven

    We all know netflix has become a lot better over the past 6 months or so. Regardless of them changing their billing and selection options a year ago or so. I had Five Minutes of Heaven in my queue for instant watch for about 2 months now and have not gotten to watch it until last night...
  6. 3PegBrew

    Wyeast Czech Pils 2278

    Anyone know how long this strain can be at room temp before the cells go Kablooey?
  7. 3PegBrew

    How Long Czech Pils yeast room temp

    I set aside majority of the yeast about ......4 weeks ago. Forgot. Is it a lost cause for rinsing?
  8. 3PegBrew

    Your fermentation ended too quickly? Read this.

    Brew Your Own: The How-To Homebrew Beer Magazine - Techniques - Whenever I use a yeast starter I have overly active fermentation for about four days and then almost no fermentation at all. Is this normal? Too many people think that when the krausen disappears that fermentation is done...
  9. 3PegBrew

    Barleywine American vs English

    Pardon me. I wanted to get some opinions on the different styles. I am not a big Barleywine fan because I have not sampled many. I would assume the yeast and hops are the big difference?
  10. 3PegBrew

    The Great American Ale Trail

    Anyone read it? Any reviews
  11. 3PegBrew

    Quick connects McMaster help needed

    Hey guys - I have quick connects setup on my keggles and pump outlet. So I'm set there. what I am looking for is quick connects for my plate chiller and inlet for the pump. I need: 4 1/2" FPT Plugs (3 for the plate chiller and 1 for the inlet of the pump) 1 1/2" MPT Plug for the...
  12. 3PegBrew

    The Dog Has Gas

    We are 24 hours away from wearing HazMat Suits in this house.
  13. 3PegBrew

    Barley Seed

    Anyone know good places to buy Barley Seed? I plan on growing some with my hops and planting this spring.
  14. 3PegBrew

    Stir Plate Wire Issue Newb

    I am not an electrical engineer. My specialty lies in biology and medicine. Attached is what i have. Can someone help me? I was following Tony on my cheap and easy stirplate thread but got lost. The power supply is a white and black two wire line. The fan is your 120 mm pc fan.
  15. 3PegBrew

    Water Softners and Beer

    I have never once bothered worrying about my water profile. I figured that since I have been using water in a house that uses a water softener my beers requiring soft water would be fine if I use HOT water. If I need hard water, just go cold. Chemistry is not my forte. Biology is. So...
  16. 3PegBrew

    What's your craving of the day?

    Currently I am craving brewing a beer and eating Chinese food.
  17. 3PegBrew

    Random Finding Of Today

    I saw this and had to share it with everyone. :ban:
  18. 3PegBrew

    How big is your beard?

    It Isn't True Unless You Show Us A Picture The other day at work, my supervisor jokingly said to me, "So when are you and Troy going to shave that stuff off your face?" I guess I should start from the beginning. I decided around Thanksgiving to stop trimming the goatee. Strangely enough, the...
  19. 3PegBrew

    Coriander and Orange

    I've brewed Belgian Wits before, but not a true Belgian Wit with Coriander and Orange. How much Coriander is necessary for a 5g batch? I'm assuming 4oz. That way the Orange has more pop with the wheat with a soft Coriander undertone.
  20. 3PegBrew

    Welding Near Rockford, IL?

    I know this is a shot in the dark, but I was wondering if anyone was near Rockford, IL who can do decent welding.... Will pay with money and beer...or just beer if you are a humble person.