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  1. autobaun70

    Overnight force carbonation

    So, I let a competition sneak up on me, and tasting is tomorrow night. Beer is sitting in the firm in her bra hopping, and I have to keg it and get it carbed up before this time tomorrow. Recommendations please. Initial thought is to bump the pressure to 30 PSI immediately after kegging and...
  2. autobaun70

    How long to store refrigerated Wort

    Local homebrew club got together, and had a local brewery run a pale wort for the entire club to use for a competition. It was mashed Saturday, and due to scheduling conflicts I couldn't pick it up until today. It has been refrigerated in a starsan sanitized bucket, and kept at about 40 degrees...
  3. autobaun70

    New baby delivery- balancing privacy & hurt feelings

    We have our first child due in 2 weeks. Regarding family "traditions" for new babies, my family and my wife's couldn't be further apart. My family has traditionally been of the notion that birth is a very private thing for mother and father, and all others should visit at a much later hour in...
  4. autobaun70

    Rant of the day - Stupidity in the packaging/marketing department at Ruger

    So I picked up a new pistol today. It is a Ruger 22/45 with a threaded heavy barrel, dual rails, and the factory iron sites deleted. Because there are no iron sites, you have to use an optic of some sort. What does Ruger send for a case?????? A soft case that will only work with no optic...
  5. autobaun70

    Fan Advice

    Can anyone recommend a floor fan that is quiet? Parameters are: 1) moves a large amount of air 2) quiet 3) can be pointed almost straight up If someone made a sideways tower style fan would be perfect. In the warmer months I use one to push cooler air to the upstairs in the house to take the...
  6. autobaun70

    Ninja Coffee Bar

    Anyone else have one of these? I've always just used a standard drip machine during the week, and occasionally used it as a pour over (basket portion only) when I had time, using hot water off of the stove. The downside of the standard drip units is their low heat. It is very rare to see one...
  7. autobaun70

    2011 - 2015 VW Passat Opinions

    Anyone here have one. Specifically looking at a 2014-2015 1.8 turbo with a 6 speed automatic (not the new DSG dual clutch). If so, what is your opinion. Looking to replace my 2007 accord coupe, as we have a baby on the way. I would personally prefer to get another manual transmission car, but...
  8. autobaun70

    Remote Installation Help Needed

    I am helping my neighbor to set up a remote system in his man cave/barn. I am trying to figure out the best way to set it up. The install dictates that there is going to be a total of about 16-20' of line, about 12' of which would be outside of the fridge. The tower is mounted to a...
  9. autobaun70

    Todays Project - Cleaning Up/Shooting 1918 Production 1911

    My FIL gave this to me for safe keeping about a year ago. Up until then it was his bedside gun, and had originally been his fathers WWII issue sidearm. Upon receipt, I soaked it down in oil, and tossed it in the safe. Fast forward to today, I was going through the safe making sure everything was...
  10. autobaun70

    Chuck e cheese rant

    Was convinced to attend my nieces 5'th birthday party, from which I write this post. Said party is 3 hours from home. The convincing line was, "how bad can it be, they serve beer and wine, says so right here on their website." Fast forward to my arrival, only to find out that beer and wine is...
  11. autobaun70

    Holidays, In-laws, and maintaining sanity

    What is everyone's favorite way to cope? I usually pack a 12 pack of good brew per day, and a fifth or more of good scotch or bourbon for backup. Sometimes this isn't enough. All kidding aside, many weekends, and most holidays are spent at the lake at either my folks place or my in-laws. We...
  12. autobaun70

    2 Tier Brutus Style Stand Build

    Got started on my stand this week. I have all of my parts for the most part, and made a lot of headway with the fabrication. The base of the stand is being built on a surplus forklift charger stand. Overall footprint is going to be 26"x36". I am building it as a two tier more to keep the...
  13. autobaun70

    Gas Valve/Control Setup

    I am working on setting up an automated MLT, using a basic brutus 10 design, and have a few questions about the electronics. I will only be controlling 1 burner for now, but may automate the HLT later on. I am looking at the Auber SYL-1512A controller. It lists the input voltage at 85V A/C -...
  14. autobaun70

    Clearing Lager at "Warmish" Temp

    I have 20 Gallons of a lager currently sitting in my fermentation chamber. This particular recipe uses WY 2112, which I fermented (and am currently clearing) at 58 degrees. All 20 gallons is for a friends wedding, which is on June 1. My plan is to let it clear for about another 2 weeks, then keg...
  15. autobaun70

    Can you run a low pressure regulator off of a high pressure regulator

    Looking for a way to run a split system, for cost savings purposes. All of my burners are high pressure 6" Banjo burners. My goal is to convert 1 of them to low pressure, and leave the other two as is. Can I take the tank adapt off of my low pressure unit, and then split the high pressure...
  16. autobaun70

    Commercial Fridge Fermentation Chamber

    My last fermentation chamber died shortly after my last brew (September), and I really haven't had the time to get around to replacing it (or brew). This week I finally got around to it, and found a nice commercial Frigidaire unit at a local used appliance shop. $350.00 and I was out the door...
  17. autobaun70

    How close are your pots?

    Is 3.25" Kettle to Kettle spacing too close? I've got an opportunity to use a really strong stand, and just add the top portion to it. If I can get away with this spacing I can really keep the design clean and compact.
  18. autobaun70

    Cheap Way to Control 3 High Pressure Burners

    Ran across this by accident, and thought I would share. This setup will work well to plumb in 3 high pressure burners, such as the BG12 or BG10. It only has enough BTU output to feed two at once (at full blast), but for most users should be sufficient. Just buy 2 of these regulators from...
  19. autobaun70

    GE Fridge Help, what do these wires do

    I think I have figured out how to manipulate a digital GE Fridge, if I can figure out these wires. This is the air damper. All voltage is 12V DC. I assume that 1 wire is the ground, just trying to determine what function the other 3 perform.
  20. autobaun70

    Side by Side Fermentation Chamber Help, Want to Leave the Freezer In Tact.

    I've been drooling over several of the side by side fridge to kegerator/fermentation chamber threads on here. This looks like a good design for me, however the wife is pushing back wanting additional freezer space. I already have a dedicated kegerator that will handle 5 kegs, and have never...