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  1. kcstrom

    Anyone know what fitting I need here?

    My previous two pull-out style faucets have had a standard 1/2" (or something like that) femail fitting on the hose that I could attach my equipment to. This last time, I just bought a faucet that looked nice and had a lifetime warranty (a Delta faucet) because I'm tired of replacing it...
  2. kcstrom

    Good Westmalle Dubbel Clone anyone?

    My wife got me some new beers for Father's Day last weekend (I awesome is she?), and I tried Westmalle Trappist Dubbel for the first time tonight. What can I! I like beer, but I never thought I would be so in love with one. :) Does anyone know of a good clone recipe for...
  3. kcstrom

    Brown Ale - 90 minutes needed?

    Hi all, I'm planning on making the following beer which is an adaptation of Randy Mosher's Old Nut Case Brown Ale recipe from "Radical Brewing". In it, he says to boil 90 minutes. Ingredients: ------------ Amount Item Type % or IBU...
  4. kcstrom

    Brown ale malt?

    I've been looking at different recipes for a nut brown ale. One calls for a "brown ale malt". I'm pretty sure I've never seen that at the local homebrew store. Does such a thing exist or is it a renamed other type of malt? Also, it calls for Northdown hops (in addition to Northern Brewer)...
  5. kcstrom

    Too late for malto-dextrin

    Hi all, I made up a 5 gallon all-grain batch of Ed Wort's famous Robust Porter ( yesterday, but I forgot to put the malto-dextrin in. Is it too late to boil it up in a bit of water and add it to the now fermenting...
  6. kcstrom

    Strong apple smell

    I was helping a friend bottle some of his beer night. After we finished the batch we were doing, he wanted to bottle a different type of beer that he had fermented in a 1 gallon jug. It had been in there for about 1.5-2 months. Sorry if I'm short on details here, I really don't know too much...
  7. kcstrom

    Differnce between Brewers 2-row and Pale 2-row malt

    Hi, I went to the LHBS last Friday to buy my first 50 lb bag of 2-row malt (got my grain mill in). I'm all about buying in bulk to save money. There were a few different kinds of 2-row malt: * 50lb Briess Brewer's 2-Row Malt - ~$53 * 50lb Briess Pale Ale 2-Row Malt - ~$76 *55lb Marriss Otter...
  8. kcstrom

    Made starter with wrong yeast

    Hi all, I posted this in the thread for EdWort's Robust Porter (, but realized that probably no one was going to see it this morning. His recipe calls for Nottingham, but I decided that I wanted...
  9. kcstrom

    Washing yeast from two packs

    Hi, I have a dry stout that is stuck at 1.030 ( I'm thinking about getting another smack pack of 1275 this evening and making a starter that I can pitch tomorrow night. My question is, would it still be feasible to wash and reuse this...
  10. kcstrom

    Terrible efficiency :(

    I did my first all grain today and was really excited about it. Unfortunately, I did something really wrong that resulted in terrible efficiency. Things to note from my notes below are that I had trouble getting the mash to be the temperature I was shooting for: 152F. I had two thermometers...
  11. kcstrom

    Stuck at 1.030

    Hi, I had a Nut Brown Ale get stuck at 1.020 a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get it to finish fermenting ( Now, I've got a dry stout stuck at 1.030. I put some "yeast nutrient" that I got from the LHBS and tried to rouse the...
  12. kcstrom

    Really wide pot

    Hi all, I was really excited to get my Kick A Banjo and 60qt pot in today for my first all grain brew on Saturday. However, I didn't realize when I ordered the pot that it was so wide. It is about 18in wide. I'm pretty disappointed because I expected it to be skinnier and taller. I don't...
  13. kcstrom

    Another yeast washing question

    I'm still pretty new to brewing, but I have been pretty excited about washing my yeast and reusing them. Background: I forgot to prepare to wash yeast as described at I also made the wife and I late to somewhere by brewing...
  14. kcstrom

    LP = Normal propane

    Sorry for the stupid question. I'm looking for equipment to start doing all-grain. While looking for a burner, I found a Banjo burner at New LP 10" Cast Iron Burner Banjo Cooker w/ Hose Guard - eBay (item 180313692203 end time Feb-10-09 13:24:12 PST) with free shipping. I can't seem to find...
  15. kcstrom

    Decent deal for kegerator

    Does this sound like a good deal if it all works, etc? Kegerator kcstrom
  16. kcstrom

    Critique my first all grain recipe

    Hi, I want to brew a fairly simple American Wheat for my first all grain brew. I've brewed 4 extracts beers without too much trouble, and my first was an American Wheat that turned out pretty good. It was pretty simple and tasted really good after 3 weeks in primary and 4 weeks in bottle. I...
  17. kcstrom

    Mash-tun cooler temperature drop

    Hi all, Perhaps this post should go in the beginners section. If so, moderators, feel free to move this thread. I've done (or am in the process of) 4 extract brews so far (and 2 apfelweins, but they're more like assembling rather than brewing) and I'm wanting to go all grain now. I've done a...
  18. kcstrom

    Bottling at 1.020

    Hi, I've done some searching around about bottling when the expected final gravity is not reached, but I didn't find any threads that had situations close enough to mine for me to feel like I really had a firm enough answer. This is my third brew and I'm anxious to bottle it as my first two...