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  1. BrokenArmBrewing

    220v voltage regulator

    So I've been running my panel now for 2 years and I've begun to really fine tune different parts of the panel. My first tweak I'd like to work with is the element power in the boil kettle. 5500 watt 220v. If i can reduce the voltage then the violent boil can be trimmed down to help prevent...
  2. BrokenArmBrewing

    keggle stand

    So I got a keg, cur it up all nice and good, weldless bulkhead, but my dryer stand is too small. Looking for CHEAP ideas and solutions for a stand and burner. Pictures are great. Oh yea, I don't have a welder, but can rent one for 30 bucks 4 hours. I know how to weld... Help!
  3. BrokenArmBrewing

    keg lid false bottom

    Sorry for not posting this on the original thread. The mobile app is horriable at its search function.... Anyway, before I cut these slots into a keg log, I was looking for some feed back. The two big circles will not be cut, just for reference. The dots will be drilled 1/8 holes. I plan on...
  4. BrokenArmBrewing

    Ebay Thermowell

    Anybody have / heard about this thermowell? It looks like an Ebay special. New condition. Seems too cheap .. . . http:// :confused:
  5. BrokenArmBrewing

    Working into a keggle

    I'm gathering information for my next phase of sourcing my equipment. Keggle! Got a keg for 40 bucks.....a score! i'm looking into how to work it into a keggle. I understand that concept for a dip tube. Who is using one? Pros vs cons on a dip tube that picks up at the center of the...
  6. BrokenArmBrewing

    infection? take a quick peek

    So this is more of an trial. Ran 5 gallons 170 water thru a mash that was ready for the trash. Got 1025 out of it. Sweet! Mind you this wet mash sat covered over night. Boiled and added homegrown cascade hops on a IPA schedule. Used washed yeast with no starter. No activity until 14...
  7. BrokenArmBrewing

    Good bye

    A moment of silence for Twinkie the Kid
  8. BrokenArmBrewing

    car and trailer or truck for home owner

    So the title says it all. I have a truck that gets me 15 MPG, and a charger that gets the same. The value of the truck is worth what a newly used car with great MPG. I'm looking to go title for title. Now as a home owner I Luke to have the bed for small light duty hauling, but I can't...
  9. BrokenArmBrewing

    adding funny requests to special instructions

    So I've been ordering a lot of stuff online, and my buddies turned me onto adding funny things to the special instructions area. hilarious! This was sent from a shaving company when I requested that they include a drawing if Mr T shaving his mohawk!
  10. BrokenArmBrewing

    I'm out of ideas on this pumpkin beer

    So I have a very disrupted brewday, miss gravity, but fix it with DME...great fermentation, crazy even. The yeast was London esb and got to final gravity no problem. Temp it fermented at was 67. Bottle it up be adding sugar to each bottle and rack. It's been 2 weeks ar room temp..77. And...
  11. BrokenArmBrewing

    Growing Hops In Florida Tampa Area

    So after having my parents succesfully growing Cascade hops in Rhode Island with pretty good first year harvest, I've decided to give it a try in Florida. I know that this is not the area to succesfully grow, but I do love a challange. Key West Brewing has gotten it done this year in Key...
  12. BrokenArmBrewing

    Great Lake Hops!!!

    I have to express my excitement from yesterday. I had sent a few emails to Great Lake Hops a month ago, and to my surprise, was getting responses with in MINUTES! All in all Great Lake Hops is a real class act! Great customer service. Fast shipping. Fair pricing. If you happen to call or...
  13. BrokenArmBrewing

    Fermenting Malta

    So I've found be trolling around that Malta the Goya drink is a good substitute for DME if ya run out for a started How about a full on ferment cycle after a boil and bittering hop cycle? Any stories out there?
  14. BrokenArmBrewing

    can pumpkin in hop bag?

    I've been trolling for hours and have found people mashing the can pumpkin, baking first than mashing, throwing it into the boil kettle, in the fermenter, in the secondary. Most attempts show a great loss of wort/beer due to the sediment of all the mashed pumpkin. Problem...cloning ST PumKing...
  15. BrokenArmBrewing

    How to calculate PreBoil Gravity

    I've been stuck with some pretty bad efficiency lately, and I'm trying to hone on what might be going wrong. I use QBrew software, but it doesn't calculate PreBoil gravity. Any Ideas how to calculate this??? I'm thinging if I miss this, I could always boil down a quart or so more. Less...
  16. BrokenArmBrewing

    $1500 water bill in Florida

    So holy sh*t, I get my water bill in today and the wife is nor happy. You see we latest new sod in the front yard, and had been watering the **** out it so it would survive. Well after 30 days of watering 3 zones for a total of 3 1/2 hours a day, I het hit with a 1500.00 bill. Yup, the decimal...
  17. BrokenArmBrewing

    National Homebrew Day tomorrow may 5

    Helping a friend learn the trade of homebrewing! Starting him out with a simple SMaSH with 2 row and Citra hops. More pale ale than IPA...Cheers!
  18. BrokenArmBrewing

    Growing Hops in Florida

    Hey Guys, Question. Anybody ever try to grow and harvest hops in Florida. I'm in the tampa area. I've read everyhting from it grew great with great harvest, to terriable results. :confused: Who has tried, and what where the results from this area. And for the record, sent some up to...