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  1. HurricaneR

    Chocolate stout

    Need some help here... I brewed my version of a Chocolate Stout and added 1/4 cup of cocoa powder for the last 3 minutes of the boil and another 1/4 cup when I transferred it to the secondary fermenter. I didn't notice a real chocolate taste when I transferred it to the secondary, so I was...
  2. HurricaneR

    Lager fermentation question, lost...

    Hi all, I brewed a Lager with White Labs lagering yeast, about a week ago. Placed it directly into my shed (outside) and it has been at approx. 45 degrees for 7 days. Brought it inside for the diacetyl rest period. It has been in my kitchen for almost 48 hours. The airlock is bubbling...
  3. HurricaneR

    Transfer to secondary fermenter

    I am brewing my first batch of beer. Selected Tasmanian Light Lager, in 7 more days I have to transfer it to the secondary fermenter. Am I supposed to filter it when I transfer it? Thanks.