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  1. mazultav

    WTB: Pump

    Looking for a food safe pump for my almost finished e-biab rig. March, Chugger, Little Giant, etc. Thanks.
  2. mazultav

    Bayou Classic Brew Pots

    Not sure if anyone had seen these yet? Looks like stainless, with a lid, spigot, thermometer, false bottom and some kind of hop filter.
  3. mazultav

    Possible Hazard

    I have just completed my EBIAB control panel. Its a single PID, single element panel. 30A 240V. After the first time turning it on I was poking around with a voltage detector. My SPST toggle switch which is rated for 30A and only flip a 120v coil for my contactor cause my detector to light up...
  4. mazultav

    Terminal strip rating

    Do terminal strips need to able to handle my panels full 50a?
  5. mazultav

    220v panel with 110v option

    Is there anything inherently dangerous about the following idea? I want to have a 110v input and output along with 220v so I can use my panel to control a smoker. Can I just have a 110v outlet wire to one of the same hot legs as the 220v coming into the panel and.another on the same hot leg...
  6. mazultav

    Hoppy Dark Ale Feedback

    Call it IBA, CDA, Black IPA, whatever. I had a hankering to try Briess's newish blackprinz malt and NZ hops so heres what I got. Oh yeah rye too. :rockin: I've never used NZ hops at all so some thoughts on them would...
  7. mazultav

    WTS: Refractometer

    I have a refractometer. 0-32 Brix. ATC. Comes with a hard case and pipette. looking for $20+shipping from 02143. Thanks.
  8. mazultav

    two pint homebrew. labels

    Just playing around with photoshop a bit.
  9. mazultav

    Refermentation with Brett

    Hello All, I have a smoked stout that has finished out around 1.012. Im gettting ready to keg it and it hit me, GET FUNKY:ban: See GREAT ODINS RAVEN in my signature. So Im going to pull off a gallon or so into its own jug, pitch the dregs from a bottle of Orval and see what happens...
  10. mazultav

    Mini Keg Sanity Check

    Has anyone looked into using one of these: You could theoretically use two of them to add ball locks onto any kind of pressure vessel correct? Could they be threaded onto a 5L mini keg even?
  11. mazultav

    Chocolate Porter input

    Just reaching out, seeing what you all think. Thanks. :mug:
  12. mazultav

    First AG, Smoked Belgian Stout

    Hello Everyone, With 5 PM batches under my belt and my 60qt cooler finally converted I present to you my Great Odin's Raven Stout. would love some feedback. Thanks. :mug:
  13. mazultav

    Convertable Mash Tun/Moble Kegerator

    Hello all, I am more of a lurker, but I've been pondering a situation for a bit and need to open it up to the floor. I picked up a 60qt cube cooler with wheels with dreams of a convertable mash tun/moble kegerator. The mash tun is easy enough. I'll be doing a simple ball valve, cpvc...
  14. mazultav

    Tamarind Wheat

    Hello All, With nice weather finally coming to the Northeast my mind drifts to wheat beers. Looking for something a little different and exotic I was thinking about a tamarind wheat. How does this look? cheers.
  15. mazultav

    SP10 missing screws

    First strike water coming up to temp on my sp10 :ban: However I lost the screws for the shutter where the LP hose meets the burner. Anyone have a size for then some I could get replacements at home depot. Also anyone know where this spring goes? Thanks
  16. mazultav

    Smoked Beer second try

    how does this look to people Its my second try at a smoked beer. My first one is under my hopville profile as XSB. The munich is acutally alder smoked munich from and the smoked malt is cherrywood smoke. The...
  17. mazultav

    Wood Topped Sanyo 4912

    I was able to grab a Sanyo off CL for a song. Unfortunately the top has some melted spots. They look alright but bother me. I thought I remember someone replacing the plastic top with a wooden one. I've tried searching to no avail. Anyone out there have the hookup? Thanks.:mug:
  18. mazultav

    Full Volume Boil in BeerCalculus

    Hello All, Say I am doing a 6 gallon boil. Do I set the avg gallons in the hops section to 6? Thank you. Would batch size under malts remain 5 if thats my final goal?
  19. mazultav

    Summit SMaSH-ish

    For my second recipe I want to try something SMaSH-ish. I'm interested in the tangerine summit supposedly gives at the end of the boil. I plan on spreading the 2 oz out over the whole boil ala 60min. Summit IPA - American IPA...
  20. mazultav

    Do I Need Shanks?

    Hello All, I recently scored a 4912 on craigslist. woot :rockin: I really like the look of single tap towers, so I'm trying to fab up my own using sink pipes. I don't have too much room about 1.5 inches from the front of the pipe to bend. Is there anyway to attach a faucet directly to a...