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  1. Kealia

    Stages of coffee roasting - pros and cons of longer/shorter durations

    I'm fairly new to roasting on our Behmor 1600+, having bought it in October. I know there are a number of new folks as well so I thought some discussion on the various stages of roasting would be valuable. So, thinking about drying, Maillard reaction and development stages....let's start with...
  2. Kealia

    Not new to kegging - but need help please

    I've been kegging for about 3 years now, the first year using picnic taps before upgrading to a kegerator I got off Craigslist. I immediately switched to Perlick taps when I bought it knowing I'd end up doing it in the long run anyway. After much reading here at that time, I bought 10 feet of...
  3. Kealia

    ISO: German Shepherd tap handle

    I've Google'd 'til my Googler was sore and cannot find what I am looking for so I throw myself on the mercy (and knowledge) of the collective here.... I'd like to have a custom tap handle that has the head (or body) of a German Shepherd attached to it. I don't want to go the route of a...
  4. Kealia

    Swapping taps to Perlicks

    I recently bought a two tap kegerator and want to swap the taps out to Perlicks (525). I've been running on picnic taps for the past 2 years so this is a bit new to me. Do I just need to buy the taps themselves? Meaning, I assume they will screw into the existing bases on the tower right...
  5. Kealia

    Help with extract/partial boil IBUs

    Guys, I have some leftover ingredients from a purchase of supplies that I used to brew something for an office party so I want to use up the extracts that I have. I'm not typically an extract brewer and I'm not up to snuff on some of the finer points of late additions and it's exact impact...
  6. Kealia

    Looking for 90 Schilling Ale clone (O'Dells in CO)

    I did a search for recipes on this site and it turned up a few threads but most were at least a year old and I didn't see anybody really comments on how their beer turned out so..... Anybody got a recipe for this? I tried emailing the brewery (like I've done with a few others) but they...