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  1. forestGeek

    Creative Cooling Ideas for Small Batch Brewing?

    I've been cooling my 1-2 Gallon batches with ice baths, but would like to brew 3 gallon batches and ice doesn't seem as practical with that size. Immersion chillers seem a bit overkill the that size. I am considering maybe a plate chiller, gravity fed, but not sure that would work. Anyone have...
  2. forestGeek

    NYE Beers: What order to drink these?

    This is the lineup of Belgian styles beers for New Years Eve. Any advice which order would be best to drink them? Thanks in advance, and Happy New Years Duvel Delirium Tremens La Fin du Monde Brother Thelonious
  3. forestGeek

    Serving from a natually carbed keg without a regulator

    I don't have a full co2 setup yet (no tank or regulator), but I kegged some of my last batch in a 1.75 gal keg and primed it with priming sugar. I have a picnic tap, a mini co2 keg charger and plan to put this in my fridge to serve it. I don't plan to drink all of it within a few days, but maybe...
  4. forestGeek

    Hydrometer Reading After Adding Priming Sugar

    Oops...added my priming solution and forgot to take my FG reading. I decided to take a hydrometer reading after nonetheless. How will the affect the reading? It's a Pale Ale and my OG was 1.050 and the FG ended up at 1.011. I carbed at 2.5 vols. Is there any way to figure out what my actual ABV...