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  1. Korben

    First Partial Mash... possibly

    First it is between these two AHS brews Lawnmower or Strawberry Lager. So I have a few questions. Typically I used distilled water for brewing (extracts) should I use a different type of water or add a different type of yeast fuel/nutrient. I typically use Brewvint yeast fuel. Also, should I...
  2. Korben

    Reaching lager temps

    Have another lager question but it is completely different from the last one I posted so I thought it was worthy of another thread. How do you reach you lager temps? Lets say your primary fermentation was at 50-52 F, you did your diacetyl rest at 62 F for 48 hrs and racked to a secondary. How...
  3. Korben

    Lager in a Better Bottle

    I was just reading the Fermenting Lagers section in our homebrewing wiki and it said buckets were not suitable for lagering due to air exchange. It said Kegs and carboys were, I assume this means better bottles but am not 100% seeing has how I am just in the primary now I have time to get a...
  4. Korben

    Oxygenation = Over Attenuation?

    Was thinking about purchasing an oxygenation system. I was reading reviews and saw this one (the first review). Can over oxygenation really lead to fusel alcohols? I thought fusel formation was mostly the result of too many simple sugars or high fermentation temps that were too high. Also what...
  5. Korben

    Are my hops ok?

    So here is my problem I just brewed a nice Pilsner and it calls for dry hopping with .5 oz of Saphir hops. I have the .5 oz but they are left over from the brew day and I didn't have any heat seal bags. so I placed them in a clean ziploc and tossed them in the fridge. I am afraid they will...
  6. Korben


    So i was planning on making a 2 L starter tomorrow and realized I don't have any yeast nutrient. I do have a some brewvint capsules. Can I just open the capsule and pour it in to the starter. If I can do that should I still add a capsule when I finish the brew. I don't have a LHBS real close...
  7. Korben

    My first mead... is it ok?

    I would like to turn out a gallon batch of a nice sweet mead with a strong blueberry character. Here is what I was thinking: 3 lb. clover honey 1 Gal. water 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient 1/2 tsp yeast energizer 1/2 tsp pectin 1/2 packet red star Cote Des Blancs wine yeast or Lalvin D-47 (really...
  8. Korben

    Partial Mash Water Chemistry

    Typically I mainly do extract brews with steeping grains and use distilled water. However, I would like to try partial mashing and I was wonderng if i use distilled water will the smaller amount of extract have enough components to create the correct flavor profile or should I adjust it. I tried...
  9. Korben

    AHS Rogue Dead Guy Clone?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this kit. I have had good luck with AHS in the past just wondering how this measured up?
  10. Korben

    Malt too old?

    I have used a 6 month old malt and no problem. A friend just gave me an Austin Home brew bucket of malt and bag of grain that is exactly a year old you thing this stuff is ok?
  11. Korben

    Refrigerated Hops how long..

    I was going to this batch a few months ago (4) and I just had the hops in the bottom refrigerator drawer and I forgot to put them in the freezer. Are these hops still good or should I just buy new ones? Thanks
  12. Korben

    Abita Strawberry Harvest, Extract Recipe?

    I have never been a fan of fruit taste in beer all that much until I grabbed on of these in a mixed pack.. I came in after a long day of studying and decided to sit out on the patio to have a beer and relax on a rather warm memphis night. I cracked this bad boy open not expecting much.. It is...
  13. Korben

    Broke top out of sprout

    I have several sprouts coming out of my hop rhizome and was wrapping the little gut around some time to get a lattice going.. and my most healthy looking sprout about 2 foot long broke right under the second leaf (about 8 in removed) will this sprout seize to grow or what?
  14. Korben

    LME quick question..

    I have had a messed up schedule and planned on doing a brew about a month ago... I have 6 lbs of lme and honey mixed together. This should still be ok? I hope. It is still sealed in the bucket. Just wondering thanks!
  15. Korben

    reusing 3068 yeast cake for Apfelwein?

    So My Apfelwein with 2 pounds of corn sugar is about ready to bottle... I am expecting a FG of 0.998 and my OG was 1.070 so the alc by Vol is going to be about 9.6% I was thinking of just pouring another 5 gallons of apple juice on the yeast cake to get the same taste with a lower alc content...
  16. Korben

    brew planning, how do you do it?

    Well one of my goals this year is to have seasonal beers ready during the appropriate season. I want to make several of them Oktoberfest - for oktoberfest of course Pumpkin Ale - Late October, Thanksgiving Christmas/Holiday Ale - at Christmas time And the most pressing or approaching...
  17. Korben

    Need your opinion..

    After getting my last BYO.. I read High Rise Rhizome and it gave me a an idea. I want to grew a hop vine in my large bedroom window just for fun and see what will come of it. I just need suggests as to what type hop I should grew. I was thinking Nugget given their relative resistance and high...
  18. Korben

    Willamette Valley Hops

    Willamette Valley Hops I just clicked on their ad, they seem like a reputable dealer anyone know anything about them? I was looking to try and grow a rhizome in my window like the guy in the last BYO magazine. I was actually thinking nugget (one of the ones they offer) since it seems to be...
  19. Korben

    My Two Delirium Tremens Extract brews...

    I have two ideas after looking on Northern Brewers and just looking at other places. My Own: Fermentables 8 lbs Extra Pale Liquid Malt Extract 2 lbs Belgian Golden Candi sugar Hops 1.25 oz. Styrian Goldings Whole 5.25 23.8 60 min. 0.50 oz. Czech Saaz Whole 3.50 0.0...
  20. Korben

    Sugar in the Raw....

    I was thinking of brewing a nice semi-belgian for my next brew... just put my Imperial Honey Porter in primary. I know the recipe calls for candi sugar 2 lbs.. but i was thinking of using sugar in the raw instead.. it seems to have some subtle flavors in it that I can't but my finger on, but...